Bratzillaz Fall 2013 Budget Line REVEALED!

July 24, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

Remember that new budget Bratzillaz Jade J’Adore doll from taobao we talked about a short while back, with the painted eyes and furry skirt? Well our long-time friend Domenic has just tracked down both her and Meygana from the line (Surprise! They’re the only 2 in it!) at KMart! He sent us pix straight from the car, and you can check ’em out below!

L-R: Meygana, the back of the box, and Jade! Click to view HQ full-size!

L-R: Meygana, the back of the box, and Jade! Click to view HQ full-size!

We are totally stunned by how much we love these! Is it just us, or has MGA painted their eyes differently from the spring budget Bratzillaz? They look SO much less creepy here in our opinions. Meygana is just amazing head-to-toe. We love her hair, love her blue accessories, and LOVE her super-detailed outfit! Even Jade looks a lot better than when we first saw her on taobao. It’s cool how much she changes up her hair color! Still aren’t feelin’ that top sadly, but if it’s separate, she could have major potential! Love her shoes! It is a little odd that Meygana and Jade are the only two witches in this line, since there appears to be no signs of Cloetta or Yasmina anywhere for fall, but we’re sure they’ll show up again soon! 🙂

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

One Response to “Bratzillaz Fall 2013 Budget Line REVEALED!”

  1. Fulliem Says:

    Got these 2 at Walmart last Friday! Love Meygana a lot.

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