Bratzillaz Witchy Princess Final Promo Photos Revealed!

July 25, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

After being in stores in the UK for several weeks now, the amazing new Bratzillaz Witchy Princess dolls finally have their promo photos out, courtesy of amazon!

L-R: Siernna Calmer, Carolina Past, and Angelica Sound! Click to view super HQ full-size!

L-R: Siernna Calmer, Carolina Past, and Angelica Sound! Click to view super HQ full-size!

Love them!!! We’re happy to see that the only major change from the prototypes was their hair streaks, and some of the fabric and shoe choices (But only because the final dolls all have brand new shoe molds!) Siernna is the biggest change in our opinions, but she isn’t a crushing disappointment thankfully, though we did prefer her prototype patches to the new fabric. Carolina remains our favorite! Even though she’s a nice witch, she’s got such a sassy and sinister look in her face and we love it! The short peplum/train on her dress looks really cool as well! We’re also loving all the new pointed stilletto heels on these royal witches! Angelica barely changed at all from her prototype, and she also appears to be the one most likely to be saran or kenekalon-haired of the three! We’re so happy that all three have kept their gorgeous, detailed faces and dark makeup!

So what do you think of the final witchy princesses? Let us know on facebook or twitter!

One Response to “Bratzillaz Witchy Princess Final Promo Photos Revealed!”

  1. EDT Says:

    The loss of detail in these dolls is unfortunate. The thick lace and patterns make the dresses look homemade. They still have great faces though. Angelica is my favorite out of the three.

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