Hey CANADIAN Bratz Fans!

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Our Canadian fans get an EXCLUSIVE offer! Here’s the scoop: Adrianne (berrybread) will be posting reviews of the 2015 Bratz on her YouTube channel beginning this Saturday (July 25th). At the end of the videos, there’ll be a call to action for Canadians to post their own doll reviews for a chance to win a SECOND doll totally free! But wait- it gets better! If you show the exclusive gold boots you got with your preorder, you’ll get a SECOND entry in the contest!

So what are you waiting for, Canadian Bratzies? Make sure you preorder your dolls and get working on those reviews! The last day for presale is July 24th, and thegold boots are super limited! This contest ends August 15th, more details on the way…

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Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s that time of year again! Time for those fabulous bargain Bratz to start hitting shelves… in Canada! You all might be familiar with the $5 basic dolls that are released each year as a Black Friday deal for the USA, and an early treat for Canada. They’re Walmart exclusives, and always seem to be released in Canada before they hit the USA.

Anyway, they’ll reach the USA eventually, but for now all the Canadians out there (including berrybread) are super lucky!

Here are some pics!


How the girls look on the shelf! Click to enlarge


Both Meygans. Click to enlarge


All the girls. Click to enlarge


As you can see, there are two options of Cloe, Yasmin, and Meygan. We totally love the new spin on some of our favourite fashions from past lines. For instance, Meygan’s printed version of “Trend it!” Sasha’s dress is SO cool!

Which ones are you going to get your hands on?

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Hey Bratz Fans!

TaoBao never seems to disappoint! Tons of pics of the new dolls in their final stage have been revealed! Forget prototypes, we’ve got the real thing right here! This is the way the dolls will look when they hit shelves hopefully super soon…

Here we see Twisty Styles without all the fancy do-das in their hair, so don’t worry about that! They’ll look ever cooler once those all get put in! We’re really glad to see that the outfits really haven’t changed all that much, as we totally loved them as prototypes. Sadly the hair seems to be Nylon, which is a first for a Bratz hair-play line, BUT the colours are to die for (especially Jade’s)! As for the faces, they seem to have changed a little, but keeping the same basic idea in mind. Be sure to click the pictures for a closer look to see for yourself.

Here are Cloe and Jade from Costume Bash and we could not be happier with the turn out! Check out how much like the prototypes they are! Although, Cloe’s eyes seemed to have changed a tiny bit, as well as the colour of her streaks from purple to pink. Both dolls are flawless, we’re so excited! Can’t wait to see Yasmin eventually…

Also, look at the back of the box! First of all, that artwork is SO COOL. And second, we love the promo MGA is adding on the back of the boxes. It’s bound to bring some new fans into the online world of Bratz!

Awww look at the basic Bratz! They look just like the prototypes, it’s great! Still looking fabulous as ever! Yasmin even seems to have make up that’s just a tiny bit lighter than her prototype, so that’s nice to see. Looking good, girls!

Lastly we have the new basic Jade J’adore Bratzillaz! She’s definitely very…. red. Haha! We love the shoes, that’s an awesome mold, and the skirt is pretty funky too! But we wish we weren’t getting quite as strong of a Ronald McDonald vibe! 😛 Either way, we’re excited to see how the other girls turn out!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

After a little browsing on taobao, we spotted one Switch-A-Witch doll from the previous article in boxed form!

One of three variants

One of three variants (click for full size)

From the looks of it, this wave of Switch-A-Witch dolls is pretty different than the first, because it just includes one set of all basic body parts and one set of fashions. It seems the actual “switching” would occur once multiple dolls have been bought, allowing for multiple interchangeable pieces. We like this idea because it’s obviously going to be much more affordable than the 45 piece set, and is a great option for fans that simply want the thrill of being able to assemble their own doll! It has us wondering though, how will fans react to basically purchasing a disassembled doll? It’s pretty different from Monster High’s idea of having booster packs, because those didn’t include torsos. They were there to add-on to the original larger packages. But with this wave 2 of Switch-A-Witch, you’ve got it all in one package. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment, visit the boards, or tell us on Facebook!

Back of the box

Back of the box (click for full size)

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Bratz Music Video Maker

November 1, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Bratz.com has come out with a super stylin’ new game for everyone to play for free! It’s called Bratz Style Starz Music Video Maker, and as you can probably guess from the name, you can make your very own music video starring the Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade in their superb Style Starz fashions! What’s really cool is you can select to have the girls wearing either their first or second wigs while they rock out, as well as tons of other cool graphics!

Check it out now:



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Rock that OOAK!

September 8, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today’s article is a tribute to the one of a kind Bratz items on Etsy.com. Some are terrifying, and some are really cool. We thought we would share our thoughts on the many wonders that can be found on Etsy. Hurrr we go!

Skirt Handmade Dolls Handmade Skirt Handmade Top Unique Clothing So Cute Lightweight Recycled Fabric

We love this adorable little skirt by hippiehousedesigns! Super simple and cute 🙂 Something our own Adrianne would totally rock, and for only $20 too!


Upcycled Doll Clothing Earrings - Blue Top & Jeans

How about some lil’Bratz clothing earrings from Jsebold87? No? Didn’t think so… A+ for creativity though. Okay, maybe an A-.


Brat Dolls Custom Personalized Text Chocolate Candy Bar Wrapper  Hershey Minis Party Favor Labels Stickers

A custom candy bar wrapper from JumpingSmilezFavors… what? We don’t get it either. 


Bratz doll Union Jack print top, silver pants and a sequin jacket

Here’s a super cute handmade Bratz outfit for only $7! It’s super stylin’ and we can tell the creator (Sofia) is very talented!


Going Solo - Bratz Upcycled Doll Face Pendant

Alright, we’ve seen these things all over Etsy for the longest time. But like, they’re so freaking creepy. Just the thought of someone taking scissors and literally cutting a Bratz head in half… *shudders* So. Creepy. You wanna pay $22.50 for that? gjarvisjewelryetc


Monarch the pixie an ooak bratz doll with magnetic feet

This item is scary but so cool at the same time. A very detailed OOAK doll, indeed! Kinda reminds us of some kind of avatar… Anyway, really cool and really weird knowing that used to just be a regular Bratz doll! Gayle


Bratz SweetHeart Ruffled Mini Dress

Ending it off with an item that is SO ADORABLE. Adrianne has had her eye on this for quite some time. It’s totally cute and practical while displaying a passion for fashion at the same time! SweetHeartClothing has a ton of these adorable dresses in all different fabrics and cartoons!

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