Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we have a major EXCLUSIVE that you cannot find anywhere else! Remember MGA’s Lady Gaga doll line that was scheduled to come out this summer? Well we have PHOTOS of the prototypes for you all to see here! Check ’em out below

Lady Gaga doll prototypes and sketch! Click to view full-size!

WOW! We can’t even type a good article right now because we’re so stunned! Look at those crazy details in her outfits! We totally hope to see these on shelves next year!

UPDATE! Hey everyone! Sorry for such a cryptic post – we were really too stoked to type more! Just some more info for you all; The dolls in Gaga’s iconic “Judas” and silver outfits were to sing “Judas” and “Poker Face”. Since Gaga’s team had MGA remove the voice chips though, there will be no singing dolls and they should be released as standard fashion dolls, along with the dolls you see in the green and piano dresses. Other products in the line included/will include (the state of the line is still somewhat of a mystery) a Head Gamez giftset featuring Lady Gaga with a few interchangeable heads and fashions, sold-separately head packs, fashion packs, and accessory packs! So are all of you as Gaga for Gaga as we are? Let us know on the forum, tweet us @BratzBoulevard, and “Like” Bratz Boulevard on facebook here!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

So today we have a pretty big update on some of this fall’s products! Today on flickr, our friend Muhammed posted listings for a ton of new Bratzillaz and Lady Gaga products which he found here!

So in the way of Bratzillaz, we have a lot to look forward to it seems! The doll line itself will actually include five characters rather than four, and their names are: Yasmina Clairvoya, Cloetta Spelletta, Sashabella Paws, Jade J’adre, and Meygana Broomstix. While we’re not sure who is who, going by the prototype photo we have which only features four dolls, we’re going to guess that the red-head with the broom-stick purse is Meygana 😉 We previously reported that fashion, accessory, and pet packs will be sold separately, and those are all included on the website as well. Something we weren’t aware of though, is a Crystal Ball playset! At the moment, it is unclear whether this will be something “for you”, or if it will be a set for the dolls (imagine if they had a ballroom playset with a crystal theme? *_*) due to the higher price point, but we’ll find out soon enough!

Also coming up this fall is MGA’s line of Lady Gaga dolls. This was announced in a toy fair report back in February, but no official news has gotten out until now. The line looks to be very extensive! According to the German website, we can expect to see a doll dressed in one of Gaga’s famous origami outfits, a biker-themed doll, and one dressed in sparkling silver! Also coming this fall is a Head Gamez set, which will probably be similar to the Bratz and Moxie Girlz Head Gamez sets released a few years back. Additional fashion heads will be sold separately as well. In addition to the four dolls, there will be fashion and accessory packs available too!

So what’s everyone most excited for?! Comment below or let us know on the forum!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!