Hey Bratz Fans!

We know a lot of you (and us too!) have been going crazy trying to find some of this fall’s Bratz – more specifically the Trend it! 1.5 line with Shadi, Vinessa, and Meygan, this year’s Pajama Party line, Crystalicious Deluxe, and the Bratz Chic Mystique Funky Fashion Makeover heads! Unfortunately, we are able to confirm that all of the listed items are international exclusives, and at the moment, MGA does not have immediate plans to release them in North America. BUT, there is one silver lining to this cloud! One of our friends over at MGA has informed us that she’s going to let the Bratz team know how much we’d love to see these lines (especially Trend it! ;)) and hopefully we’ll get them at some point next year! Nothing’s guaranteed, but it’s totally possible!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update is on the ever-changing sleepwear line for fall, now confirmed as simply Pajama Party. Our friend Drek found the three dolls on taobao, and after a bit of searching, we came upon the link ourselves! Check out the photos below.

The final dolls, all boxed up! L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade. Click to view full size.

We are beyond delighted to see all of the fantastic detailing on each girls’ pajamas! It’s also worth noting that their original gimmick (Bags to Sleeping bags) has been replaced with the inclusion of cute personalized satin pillows. In all honesty though, we find ourselves wishing these outfits were sold as fashion packs rather than dolls. One of the main things that excited us about this line upon seeing the promos, was their faces. Jade’s in particular; Had they done their original faces it would have been the first time Jade’s had an open mouth since 2009! Instead the final dolls appear to have faces borrowed from this spring’s Featherageous line, and nylon hair as well – which was a bit of a shock considering all but three lines for this fall were known to have nylon prior to tonight’s find! Overall though, the line does boast some of the best PJ’s we’ve seen on the Bratz girls in years so all is not lost! Fingers crossed the girls all have their adorable fluffy slippers too! 😉

The back of one of the Pajama Party dolls’ boxes, presumably Cloe’s. Click to view full size!

The back of the box is a bit of a surprise too! Notice the lack of “trading card” with the girl’s info that appears on the majority of this fall’s Bratz products. This makes us wonder if this line will actually be less than $14.99 after all! They’ve downgraded the hair and faces, removed the gimmick, and the box is clearly different from the others this fall… Keep it locked, we’ll try and get an update soon! But for now, sound off in the forum and let us know what you think!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update is on the sleepwear line we previously posted about. In the past, we’ve been referring to it as “Satin Sleepover”, but as it turns out, the line might actually be the third edition of Sweet Dreamz; Pajama Party! We’ve checked the Russian shopping website where the photos were spotted, and according to rough translation, the line is called “Sweet Dreams” and each girl will include a bag that transforms into a sleeping bag! And to re-cap what was previously known – this is set to be one of the (USD)$14.99 ranges for fall. It is unknown right now whether or not Sasha will be making an appearance at the slumber party, but we wouldn’t doubt it 😉 Let us know what you all think in the forum!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update comes from our awesome pal and top poster on the forum – Jason! Tonight he’s blown us all away with a major find; PHOTOS of the new Bratz Satin Sleepover dolls!


Click to view full size

He posted that picture on our forum in the Fall 2012 thread. Go check ’em out!

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Hey Bratz fans!

Everyone’s super psyched for this fall’s Bratz lines to hit shelves this summer, and with good reason – what we’ve seen so far is H-O-T, hot! But in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the low-down on what to expect from the Bratz this fall.

One of the first lines you can expect is called Miss IndepenDance. Hot on the heels of this spring’s seasonal line, Heart Breakerz, comes this fierce and festive Fourth of July line, which will feature the core four girls in red, white, and blue fashions and hair streaks with matching hair extensions for you! It seems like MGA’s getting in the habit of making sizzlin’ seasonal lines out of older limited editions, which is fine by us – We’ve got our fingers crossed for a New Year’s line, MGA! 😉 No photos at this time, but we’re expecting some soon…

And the basic line for this fall will be Strut it! It will feature the core four girls, as well as the return of fan-favorite, Fianna! The new artwork posted on Bratz.com is for this line, and we’re happy to report that so far, the dolls look pretty close to their art! At the moment , we have prototype shots for Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade, plus a final promo for Yasmin. We love how each girl’s personality is clearly represented in their outfits, while staying on-trend at the same time. Strut it! indeed 😉

L-R: Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha. Jade and Yasmin will be very different from their prototypes, but Cloe and Sasha should be pretty close!

Here’s the final promo shot for Strut it! Yasmin. This is what the doll will look like on store shelves 🙂

What is expected to be one of the hottest and most scandalously stylin’ lines this fall is Biker Babez. While not many specifics are known about this line as of yet, toy fair reports say the line will feature the Bratz (Though which Bratz are included is unknown, one would assume the core four are included – We’d love to see the Bratz Pack’s resident bad boy Cade too!) in hot leather fashions and (get ready for this one) tattoos! Each doll will also include a tattoo sleeve for you so can join the Bratz in their speed-demon fun! No photos at this time though.

One of the bigger lines for this fall is called Bratz Boutique. As the title suggests, the theme of the line is shopping! Surprisingly, this is actually the very first shopping line that the Bratz have ever had! This line includes the core four – each dressed to impress in cool casual fashions that show off each girl’s unique style and attitude, along with a fully-stocked store full of shopping accessories! As to be expected, additional outfits are included in each girl’s shop, and third fashions may be included as well, though it is unclear at the moment. Regardless, this line is definitely one to watch for!

L-R: Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha. Ignore the “Sasha not included” text, that’s just a distribution thing! Keep in mind that these are prototypes too 😉

Another biggie for this fall is a hairplay line called Style Starz. This line is special because for the first time ever, the Bratz will be rockin’ interchangeable wigs! While no full photos have been released as of yet, toy fair reports say the line’s general look is “very Lady GaGa”, which is great in our book!

And on the topic of hairplay lines, Crystalicious will be following the example set by Featherageous with a quirky name and floor-length saran hair! This line will feature the core four in chic and shimmery party dresses adorned with sparkly flowers and ruffles. The hairplay gimmick is that each doll includes fun crystals to add to your dolls’ hair – and your’s too!

Here’s the group promo for Crystalicious (L-R: Sasha, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin) as well as three individual photos of Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade!

Another trademark for the Bratz are their sleepwear lines, and this fall we’ll see a new line called Satin Sleepover. At the moment, literally nothing is known of this line other than its name, but based on that, we’re expecting something along the lines of a Nighty-Nite 3.0! If that truly is the case, then we’re beyond excited!

One of the more extensive lines for this fall is called Chic Mystique. Like last year’s Masquerade line, this will be a costume party-themed line, only way more over the top! This line stars the core four in stunning ball gowns and masks – with a twist! At the pull of a lever, their gowns lift up to reveal gorgeous wings and a funky party outfit! Also worth noting is the absolutely brilliant new shoe mold this line debuts, as well as the return of wild hair colors for the Bratz. According to Toy Fair photos, this line will also have an accompanying line of Funky Fashion Makeover styling heads.

This is the group promo for the Chic Mystique, L-R: Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin!

Also upcoming from the Bratz is a new spin-off line called Bratzillaz. The Bratzillaz are a group of teenaged witches whose pets each possess a special power unique to them! This line is going to be a major brand for MGA this fall, with a line of dolls, sold-separately pets, fashion packs, accessory packs, and even a web series! So far we have the names of two of the Bratzillaz girls – Cloetta and Sashabella. These names have us wondering if the line will tie into the main Bratz plot somehow…? Time will tell!

These are the four Bratzillaz dolls. We’re not sure who is who at the moment, but they’re all super cute!

Here’s a shot of the Bratzillaz display at Australia’s Toy Fair this past February! Photo taken by Timmy AKA Araparap

Well Bratz fans, that’s the scoop for now! Keep checkin’ back for more!

Stay tuned & stay stylin’!

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