Hey Bratz Fans!

Huge thanks to our amazing friend Connor for sharing with us the news that the NEW Bratzillaz Magic Night Out line is up now on taobao, BOXED! Check out the photos below!

Magic Night Out Jade! Click to view full-size

First up is Jade J’Adore. She’s absolutely WICKED with this new look! As you can see, they’ve updated her eyes for this line, and have even given her cute pink hair! We’re all over that Heart Breakerz-esque lacey look too 😉

Magic Night Out Vampelina! Click to view full-size!

And second is the newest addition to the Bratzillaz gang, Vampelina! Clearly she’s a vampire (with cute fangs and all!) and her style is totally wicked! We love all the colors in her hair, and the icey blue skin for sure!

Magic Night Out Meygana! Click to view full-size!

Here’s Meygana Broomstix who has a sleek and stylin’ new ‘do, that we are so in love with!

Magic Night Out Yasmina! Click to view full-size!

And now a confirmation that the mystery Yasmina we reported on Friday is in fact from the MNO line!

Magic Night Out Vampelina! Click to view full-size!

Magic Night Out Cloetta! Click to view full-size!

As was to be expected, Cloetta’s look is totally different from her last appearance, but still totally wicked! We love the blonde in her hair and cute two-bun style!

Magic Night Out Sashabella! Click to view full-size!

And last but most certainly not least is the always-FIERCE Sashabella! We are SO diggin’ all the faux fur on her!

The back of the Magic Night Out boxes! Click to view full-size!

As you can tell from the boxes, these girls all cast a spell on the dance floor with a cute dancing gimmick! When you twist the dolls’ waists, they dance! The line also allows you to make some magic of your own with an included light-up broom for your doll, that doubles as a magic wand for you!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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