Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we’ve got PHOTOS of the new Bratz In the Wild Cloe & Yasmin dolls! These photos come from taobao, and we have to give a huge thanks to our friend Ammar for sharing them first on his flickr! 😀

Bratz in the Wild Cloe & Yasmin! Click to view full-size :)

Bratz in the Wild Cloe & Yasmin! Click to view full-size 🙂

WOW! What can we say? We are totally loving the fresh, trendy look of this line, as well as the updated packaging – it almost looks like an ad for a trendy boutique rather than a box for dolls! The new logo is cute, but we’re happy to see the new brushes are sporting the “classic” logo, and hope that’s a sign the change isn’t permanent. One think I’m sure everybody noticed is that our girlz are now taller! You all remember our reports on these mysterious new bodies, and how we all hoped they were strictly for the Mermaidz. Well it looks like these new bods are in effect for all of the spring lines! In all honesty, we’re still trying to adjust to them, but hope this is one change that’s just seasonal (Our girlz need to have their signature look!). On a positive note though, check out their fashions! These girls are insanely trendy! We do wish they had the cute hats from the art, but luckily we’ve got similar hats from past lines anyways. The whole idea of the line is not what we were expecting, but is still really cute! We thought we’d be getting another more heavily-safari-inspired line (a la Wild Life Safari, Adventure Girlz, etc.), but these girls look to be rockin’ some jungle-inspired casual fashions and playing with cute animals that they’ve rescued themselves! Check out the lil’ animal trivia on the backs of their boxes.

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