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Alex here with the third installment in our “Up Close & Magical” series, where we review new Bratzillaz characters and products if either of us are the first to get them! Today, I’m wicked psyched to introduce Victoria Antique from the new Back to Magic line for fall!

Here's Victoria new in her box! Click to view full size.

Here’s Victoria new in her box! Click to view full size.

Victoria is one of the two new foreigh exchange students enrolling in Bratzillaz Academy with this line, the other being Illiana Honesty, who comes from India. Victoria is Chinese, and as her last name suggests, she has the power to take something old and make it good as new! Her fave class is “The Science of Brew & Renew” and her pet is an adorable little dragon/turtle hybrid whose name is currently unknown.

The back of Victoria's box. Click to view full size.

The back of Victoria’s box. Click to view full size.

Above is the back of her box, where you can see a small bio for her, plus our first look at Illiana Honesty on the bottom! We definitely can’t wait for her to come out! Victoria’s bio says “I Make Things New! Power: If you’ve got treasure that’s falling apart, Victoria Antique gives it a new start! What her friends love about her: That she sees the beauty under the dust and cobwebs”. We also get a peak at her witchmark, which is a snake. Hopefully, we’ll learn one of her spells soon! 🙂

What a face! Click to view full size.

What a face! Click to view full size.

And now onto the doll herself! How absolutely stunning is her face?! She’s super exotic looking, which I love. Her brows are really cool and point outwards, making her look a bit more dragon-esque. As is always the case with Bratzillaz, her eyes are just gorgeous! Admittedly, they aren’t as thrilling as Fianna Fins’ or the Switch-A-Witch single pack doll’s, but still really pretty nonetheless! They’re made to look like those of a dragon or a snake. Around her eyes are cool dragon scales done in a really nice jade green and gold combo! Her “regular” eye makeup is a very bold gold, too. Her lips really “POP” with a bright orange shade as well!

Just another look at the cool design on her face, and her earrings! Click to view full size.

Just another look at the cool design on her face, and her earrings! Click to view full size.

Showin' off her wicked glam fashion! Click to view full size.

Showin’ off her wicked glam fashion! Click to view full size.

Her outfit’s pretty awesome, too. She’s rockin’ a “playsuit” with super short-shorts under a top with a long flowing sleeve on one arm, and a cape over the other. One side of the top  is a super-cute plaid pattern with little fire symbols all over it, adding to her dragon-inspired appeal! The other side is just a simple black satin. Over her stomach and chest underneath the top has a wicked snakeskin print – Very cool!! And wrapped around that is a small gold and black rope used as a belt. On her legs are some super-cool thigh high leg warmers, made of black fishnet material, and layered under a larger, sparkly gold fishnet material!

Wicked shoes & fishnets! Click to view full size.

Wicked shoes & fishnets! Click to view full size.

And over those cool leg warmers are her amazing snake heels! As you can see, they’re black with little cut-outs in the heels, and then wrapped around the doll’s legs are molded snakes! That is such a cool detail!!

Victoria's too-cute art! Click to view full size.

Victoria’s too-cute art! Click to view full size.

Well, that’s the new Bratzillaz Back to Magic Victoria Antique doll! Expect to see her on store shelves soon. In the meantime, you can check out tons more pix of her and the other Back to Magic ‘Zillaz on my flickr, and watch my video review of her, Sashabella, and Meygana below!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Fellow fansite Bratz Heaven has once again scored a major scoop with more new amazon listings, this time for two new Bratzillaz segments coming this fall “Bratzillaz Back to Magic” and “Bratzillaz Wicked Glam Princess“!

As the title suggests, Back to Magic is a back-to-school segment for fall, featuring Meygana, Jade, Sashabella, and two new exchange students from India and China: Illiana Honesty and Victoria Antique. We’re predicting this range will be similar in concept to the first edition Bratzillaz line, in that it will include the dolls wearing signature fashions (And new fall outfits for Meygana, Jade, and Sashabella of course) as well as a stand, character spell card, and possibly a pet. Victoria Antique sounds amazing from her name alone, and seeing how the Zillaz represent different nationalities will be really fun to see! Check out links to the listings below.


Wicked Glam Princess totally sounds like a working title to us, meaning it is likely to change, but the line sounds absolutely enchanting nonetheless! The listings’ detailed description with an actual plot make this segment sound like a biggie for fall, possibly backed by a webisode or even a DVD/TV special of some sort? We seriously hope so! Here’s the story behind the collection:

“While exploring the academy, the Bratzillaz™ discover hidden pictures of Forgotten Princesses (wt) they read about in history class. They recognized them by their birdcage hats, witchmark make-up, and their elegant dresses that look like they are from another time. The Bratzillaz™ use their magic to free the princesses from their picture frames and befriend them.”

That alone gives us super-high hopes for these witches. Birdcage hats and elegant dresses? Sounds like Glam is about to get a little Couture! Could it get any better? Of course! The three princesses in the line are Vinessa Speakers, who we’re guessing has some powers over music, Siernna Calmer, who we think might have some control over emotions, and Angelic Sounds, who we really have no clue what to expect of! Her last name sounds like she could also be a musician… The features for this line are bird-cage hats, glow-in-the-dark bird hair accessories, and probably the aforementioned elegant dresses, too! You can check out the listings for these wicked royals below.

Angelic Sounds
Siernna Calmer
Vinessa Speakers

We are beyond wicked excited for all of these new releases! How about all of you? Let us know on our facebook page, or tweet us!

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Updates at Bratz.com!

August 12, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

So there hasn’t been much news in the world of Bratz over the past week or so, but today we’re happy to report that Bratz.com has updated some of its pages! The catalog now features most of this fall’s product lines, though interestingly enough, the Ultimate Spa Makeover line doesn’t have any products under its listing! We do know that a series of Funky Fashion Makeover heads are/were in the works for this collection though 😉

Also updated is the video page! The latest episode of the Bratz Trends show with Brianna Gage is up, in which Bri discusses how to switch up your look from day to night with Cymphonique Miller of How to Rock! Totally worth checking out 😀

So what do you guys think of the latest additions to Bratz.com? Let us know on the forum!

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Hey Bratz Fans!
After several delays, we are thrilled to finally announce a final launch date & rules for Bratz Boulevard’s Next Top Model! BBNTM will take place on YouTube, flickr, and of course, BratzBoulevard.com. Our contest is different from most others in that we’re not looking for “high fashion” or “haute couture” models – we want to see fresh-faced, fun-loving girls with a passion for fashion! We’ll be featuring some fun and original themes, as well as some based on current trends and even Bratz lines. Most challenges will feature a different guest judge as well. At the very end of the competition, the winner will receive a prize which will be announced later. We hope everyone joins! ^_^
All Final Auditions due: July 25th (If you’ve already auditioned, but find that your photo does not meet the requirements, please feel free to re-do it and hand it in by the 25th)

How to enter: You can either e-mail your audition to BBNTM@BratzBoulevard.com, or if that’s not an option, upload your photo to flickr on private and tag Adrianne and I.
Rules ‘n’ Requirements:
Female, “teen” Bratz dolls only! We’re looking for all types of looks too, so try to choose a model whose look you don’t see too often. Of course any OOAK dolls are more than welcome as well, just as long as she’s a Bratz 🙂
Have your model posing in front of a plain white background. She should be wearing typical “audition” clothes (Plain jeans, basic T-shirt or tank top, and simple heels), BUT in a unique twist for this competition, we’re allowing you to swap one piece of “plain Jane” clothing for a piece that allows your model’s personality to shine through a bit more! For instance, if your girl’s got a “rocker” look, she can wear a Rock Angelz T-shirt rather than a basic top.Also provide your model’s name and a brief decription about her personality and such.And above all, have fun! 🙂

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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