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Fellow fansite Bratz Heaven has once again scored a major scoop with more new amazon listings, this time for two new Bratzillaz segments coming this fall “Bratzillaz Back to Magic” and “Bratzillaz Wicked Glam Princess“!

As the title suggests, Back to Magic is a back-to-school segment for fall, featuring Meygana, Jade, Sashabella, and two new exchange students from India and China: Illiana Honesty and Victoria Antique. We’re predicting this range will be similar in concept to the first edition Bratzillaz line, in that it will include the dolls wearing signature fashions (And new fall outfits for Meygana, Jade, and Sashabella of course) as well as a stand, character spell card, and possibly a pet. Victoria Antique sounds amazing from her name alone, and seeing how the Zillaz represent different nationalities will be really fun to see! Check out links to the listings below.


Wicked Glam Princess totally sounds like a working title to us, meaning it is likely to change, but the line sounds absolutely enchanting nonetheless! The listings’ detailed description with an actual plot make this segment sound like a biggie for fall, possibly backed by a webisode or even a DVD/TV special of some sort? We seriously hope so! Here’s the story behind the collection:

“While exploring the academy, the Bratzillaz™ discover hidden pictures of Forgotten Princesses (wt) they read about in history class. They recognized them by their birdcage hats, witchmark make-up, and their elegant dresses that look like they are from another time. The Bratzillaz™ use their magic to free the princesses from their picture frames and befriend them.”

That alone gives us super-high hopes for these witches. Birdcage hats and elegant dresses? Sounds like Glam is about to get a little Couture! Could it get any better? Of course! The three princesses in the line are Vinessa Speakers, who we’re guessing has some powers over music, Siernna Calmer, who we think might have some control over emotions, and Angelic Sounds, who we really have no clue what to expect of! Her last name sounds like she could also be a musician… The features for this line are bird-cage hats, glow-in-the-dark bird hair accessories, and probably the aforementioned elegant dresses, too! You can check out the listings for these wicked royals below.

Angelic Sounds
Siernna Calmer
Vinessa Speakers

We are beyond wicked excited for all of these new releases! How about all of you? Let us know on our facebook page, or tweet us!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Huge thanks to our amazing friend Connor for sharing with us the news that the NEW Bratzillaz Magic Night Out line is up now on taobao, BOXED! Check out the photos below!

Magic Night Out Jade! Click to view full-size

First up is Jade J’Adore. She’s absolutely WICKED with this new look! As you can see, they’ve updated her eyes for this line, and have even given her cute pink hair! We’re all over that Heart Breakerz-esque lacey look too 😉

Magic Night Out Vampelina! Click to view full-size!

And second is the newest addition to the Bratzillaz gang, Vampelina! Clearly she’s a vampire (with cute fangs and all!) and her style is totally wicked! We love all the colors in her hair, and the icey blue skin for sure!

Magic Night Out Meygana! Click to view full-size!

Here’s Meygana Broomstix who has a sleek and stylin’ new ‘do, that we are so in love with!

Magic Night Out Yasmina! Click to view full-size!

And now a confirmation that the mystery Yasmina we reported on Friday is in fact from the MNO line!

Magic Night Out Vampelina! Click to view full-size!

Magic Night Out Cloetta! Click to view full-size!

As was to be expected, Cloetta’s look is totally different from her last appearance, but still totally wicked! We love the blonde in her hair and cute two-bun style!

Magic Night Out Sashabella! Click to view full-size!

And last but most certainly not least is the always-FIERCE Sashabella! We are SO diggin’ all the faux fur on her!

The back of the Magic Night Out boxes! Click to view full-size!

As you can tell from the boxes, these girls all cast a spell on the dance floor with a cute dancing gimmick! When you twist the dolls’ waists, they dance! The line also allows you to make some magic of your own with an included light-up broom for your doll, that doubles as a magic wand for you!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

We must give a wicked HUUUGE thank you to our awesome friend (and most recent BBNTM guest judge) Justin, as he’s found the NEW Bratzillaz Midnight Beach dolls at his own Walmart in the state of New York, and was kind enough to take photos of them just for us! Check ’em out below

The five “cour witches” in the Bratzillaz gang on the shelves! Thanks to Justin for the exclusive pic (and fab watermark!) Click to view full-size

Above you can see five Yasmina, Cloetta, Sashabella, Jade, and Meygana from the line on the shelf at Walmart. New girl Fianna looks to be shipped separately, and may be from a different line all together! Keep in mind she’s got a pet and profile to present as well 😉

A nice full view of Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws! Click to view full-size

Justin was also nice enough to take this wicked close-up of Sashabella (his fave!) for us as well. We adore all the cute detailing in her swimsuit! It’s very tribal, which rocks!

So how are you all feeling about this new line now that we’ve all gotten a better look at it? Let us know on facebook, twitter, or on the forum at BratzBoulevard.com!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

After much anticipation, the premiere episode of the Bratzillaz web series is now up on YouTube! The first episode is a basic introduction to the five Bratzillaz, and how they became witches! The animation is fantastic, and there are lots of cute moments throughout (Like their magic transformations, or their Anna Wintour-esque headmaster!) Check it out here!

Also totally wicked is the behind-the-scenes video on-set at the Bratzillaz Music Video shoot! Peep the kiss scene between Sashabella and the skull dude 😉

Let us know what you think of the Bratzillaz’ magic introductions in the forum!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Today we’ve got a huge update, thanks to our friend Justin! He’s shared links to practically everything coming out on WalMart.com!

To start with our favorite, here are the new Bratz Boyz coming out for this fall! We absolutely love them! Cade coming back is a dream come true, and especially for Totally Tattoo’d like we had hoped! Cameron appears to be sporting his Funk ‘n Glow outfit from this spring, but that’s okay as that doll never came out anyways! Koby is dressed for winter, though we’re not too sure exactly which line he’s for. He certainly wouldn’t fit in alongside the Bratz Pink Winter Dream girls! Either way though, Koby looks awesome and we’re more than ready for his comeback!

New Boyz! L-R: Cade, Cameron, and Koby! Click to view full-size

And while we’re on the topic of Pink Winter Dream, MGA will be continuing their popular Big Bratz line with a WalMart exclusive Big Bratz Pink Winter Dream Cloe and Yasmin! Their listings have no pictures yet, but here’s the description:

“Join the Bratz in their fabulous Pink Winter World! The Big Bratz Pink Winter Dream Doll wears her own special shade of pink furry fashions, from light pastel to beautiful brights. Each doll comes with a fancy party dress and belt to go from snow to sensational!
Big Bratz Pink Winter Dream Doll:

  • Fabulous, fur-embellished fashions
  • Comes with a fancy party dress and belt to go from snow to sensational
  • Includes their own cocoa cup and collectible animal charm keychain
  • Dimensions: 5″L x 5″W x 24″H”

Sounds pretty dreamy! ^_^

Another product listing with no photo that we thought sounded pretty awesome is a new Bratz RC car and doll set!
“The Bratz Radio-Controlled Vehicle with Doll lets the Bratz cruise in style and listen to their favorite music in a remote controlled car. The Bratz Radio-Controlled Vehicle features a speaker with input for mp3 players and fits two Bratz dolls.
Bratz 27MHz Radio-Controlled Vehicle with Doll:

  • Remote control-operated
  • Speaker with input for mp3 player
  • Fits 2 Bratz dolls (1 Bratz doll included)
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 7.5″L x 22.75″W x 7.5″H”
And a line with pictures is this year’s Bratz Holiday line! So far, it looks like Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade are the only girls in it, though there are rumors that a Sasha will be included as well. We’ll have to wait and see! Regardless, we totally love these dolls’ outfits! Yasmin is pretty in purple and gorgeous in gold as always 😉 Cloe’s definitely a stand-out for us though. Her hair and makeup actually remind us a bit of Christina Aguilera LOL! And her dress is very trendy with the faux-ostrich feather skirt and trim! Jade is stunning as well, and we definitely don’t get to see her in green very much anymore! Her dress is pretty cute with its Christmas Tree-inspired shape and coloring. We absolutely adore the netting on top!

Bratz Holiday! L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade! Click to view full-size


WalMart also has listings for all of the Boutique, Totally Tattoo’d, Chic Mystique, Style Starz, and Crystalicious dolls and sets, as well as all but Cloe in Strut it!, but since we’ve shared all of those before, there’s no need for us to post them again 🙂
And on to Bratzillaz! Again, there are listings for things we’ve already reported on (Cafe Zap, Secret Message Pad, Dolls, Pets, and Fashion Packs) so we’ll be skipping those here 😉
First up are the Bratzillaz Accessory Packs! Their names are Charmed Life, Wicked Night Out, and Academy Style. We love how wintery Academy Style looks (Very Hogwarts lol!) and while Charmed Life isn’t quite as blinged-out as we were expecting, it still lives up to its name with such high-class accessories! Wicked Night Out is super sassy, just like we want in a “club”-themed set.

L-R: Charmed Life, Wicked Night Out, and Academy Style! Click to view full-size 🙂

Also listed is the Bratzillaz Crystal Ball playset! While we have reported on this product quite a bit in the past, we now have a photo of the set to share!

Bratzillaz Crystal Ball! Click to view full size 🙂

Another big thanks to our pal Justin for sharing these listings. We can’t wait to find all of this in stores!

 Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Today we have an awesome update to share – most of the amazon.de listings we previously reported on, now have photos up! We learned this earlier today, after our friend Muhammed posted some of the photos on flickr. As usual, you can find all of the listings and their HUGE photos here!

On the left is Chic Mystique Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade before their transformation, and on the right is them after! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

First, Chic Mystique! These dolls are absolutely amazing! Their costumes are so over-the-top and glamorous, even more so than last year’s Masquerade line! One of our absolute favorite features of this line is their amazing, sky-high heels! The stunning contrasting colors in all of their dresses are very appealing too, and the glittery makeup and candy-colored hair are gorgeous! Their masks are also very glittery and dramatic, actually this line reminds us a bit of Nicki Minaj (Which we love, LOL!) Their dresses transform, apparently when the front “flaps” are lifted and an array of colorful tulle ruffles are revealed! It appears as if their wings will pop up from their backs, Buzz Lightyear style too. This line will also include Sasha, but as she isn’t available in Germany, her photo is still to be seen. 🙂

Bratz Boutique Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade with their stores! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

Next, Bratz Boutique! This line is absolutely jaw-dropping! As we already knew, each doll includes their own personalized store stocked full of fun accessories, and now we can see it all up close! We are so thrilled to see that the dolls to include everything mentioned in our previous report on them, and also that the dolls almost completely match their prototypes! The only differences are their sunglasses, and the way their shoes are painted. Yasmin looks very “Pretty Princess” in her casual boho look, which is very retro with her fringed vest, bell-bottom jeans and psychedelic scarf! Her store, “Yasmin Chic & Co.” has a gorgeous purple floral dress on display (on its included mannequin!) as well as two pairs of earrings – in addition to the pair she’s got on, boho brown ankle-boots that are ready to be bought in their included shoe box, a counter with chirping scanner sound effects, and a shopping bag to wrap up whatever Pretty Princess purchases! Cloe is our absolute favorite in this line. Her outfit is SUPER trendy! From her “bump” hairstyle and black aviator frames, to her chic rose-patterned skirt, Angel’s got it all in this set! Her store has a fantastic zebra dress with shoulder pads, which are pretty big right now! The shoes she has out are a dark peach version of the boots available in Yasmin’s store as well. Jade’s store is very “Kool Kat” with a slight hipster vibe! Jade herself is rockin’ some crazy cool camo skinnies in black and white, with a striped shirt and trendy fur vest to top it off – Peep that big kitty bag too, so cute! The dress Jade has out is perhaps the most detailed in the line (so far, keep in mind that we still haven’t seen Sasha!) with awesome netted details and a black and pink cat pattern! Her shoes are white with red bottoms (very Louboutin) and her counter is actually a different mold from Cloe’s and Yasmin’s. We’re guessing Sasha will have this counter too, in a different color.

The Bratzillaz Secret Message Pad! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

And finally, is the Bratzillaz Secret Message Pad! This funky tablet allows you to write a hidden message using the included broomstick pen, and then a black light back light (Try saying that five times fast!) will reveal all! The set also doubles as a wicked photo frame for showing off your awesome memories!

That’s all for now guys, but we’ll keep you all updated when more news comes out! 🙂

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Another big update on the Bratz Crystalicious dolls today! Thanks to the Chinese auction site, taobao, where many factory workers post factory rejects and stolen goods, we are the FIRST to share these clear photos of the Crystalicious dolls exactly as we’ll be getting them, boxed and all! You can check out the full listing here.

All four Bratz Crystalicious dolls! L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin!

The first thing to strike us was the similarity to the Funk ‘n Glow packaging from this spring, which sadly means this line has no artwork that we know of. On the bright side though, we do appreciate the more modern and elegant vibe of this style of packaging, and the cut-out cards on the back are very cute too!

The back of all four Bratz Crystalicious boxes! L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin

As you can see in the above photo, we were correct about the promo picture we saw earlier being for Cloe’s box 😉 Now, onto the dolls!

Bratz Crystalicious Yasmin

Yasmin is absolutely stunning in her sequined dress! We are very happy to see that the dolls and their outfits not only match their promo photos, but that the flowers on their dresses are actually removable too! Yasmin’s makeup is fantastic too. We love that they’re switching up their palettes a lot, and Yasmin really pops in her bubblegum pink lipstick! The glitter eyeshadow is still present as well, thankfully. She looks to have gone back to her original, lighter shade of brown hair, with some cute golden blonde highlights mixed in as well! It looks like this line will include a clip-in hair extension made of iridescent tinsel and “crystal” beads, as well as nine little gems, and six “flower” gems which can be used on their dresses, as well as their hair! We’re going to take a shot in the dark and guess that these girls will also include ten rubber bands like the Featherageous girls too, though we won’t know for sure until they hit stores 🙂

Bratz Crystalicious Cloe

Cloe is absolutely breath-taking! Her sizzlin’ silver mini dress is easily our favorite, with its modern design and sparkling sequins all over. Her face is just as flawless too, and like Yasmin, she’s upped the “drama” a bit (We all know how dramatic Cloe is, LOL) in her palette, with very bright reddish pink lips and glittery silver eyeshadow! Her hair color looks to be her signature platinum, though not quite as light as usual, probably for fall 😉

Bratz Crystalicious Sasha

Sasha is most definitely another favorite too – We love our Bunny Boo with bangs and braids! 😉 Her dress is also a fave, for its realistic look and gorgeous fall colors that look superb on Sasha. The coloring in her makeup is somewhat similar to that of her Catz doll, though her actual eye color is different, and her lips are a bit more orangey, plus she’s got teeth! Lately Sasha’s been experimenting with her hair color a bit, and Crystalicious sees her rockin’ a nice blend of black and brown, with some red mixed in!

Bratz Crystalicious Jade

Jade looks pretty in purple for Crystalicious! Kool Kat’s purrrfect party dress definitely gives us some retro vibes with its fun ruffles and metallic material. Her makeup isn’t quite as bold as the others, but Jade still manages to hold her own in the line with her pink lips and pretty violet eyeshadow! She also has her signature bangs, though her hair actually looks to be pure black again in this line, which is refreshing after having so many releases where her hair is a blend of black and darker browns 🙂

So, those are the new Crystalicious Bratz for this fall! You can expect them in stores during the summer, and probably pretty soon actually since they’re already on taobao 😉

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Today, the Bratz Spain page on facebook, who previously revealed the final promo for Strut it! Yasmin, unveiled a final promo shot of all six Strut it! dolls! Yes, we meant six – The Bratz’ resident redhead, Meygan, is now in the line as well! All six dolls are gorgeous, each decked out in a very cute and trendy outfit that reflects not only what’s hot in the streets, but also each girl’s individual style and personality.

Fianna, Meygan, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha!

Fianna AKA “Fragrance” comes in a pretty knit-patterned dress with sassy grey boots.

Meygan AKA the “Funky Fashion Monkey” surely lives up to her reputation for lookin’ good, even when she’s just hangin’, in a funky casual outfit consisting of bold patterned pants and a plain pink top. She’s also rockin’ some blonde highlights this fall!

Cloe AKA “Angel” looks like a sassy sweetheart in her long denim dress with a very high slit, and keeping with her fashion passion of sparkly fabrics, she’s sporting a shimmery black T-shirt underneath! As we predicted, she matches her prototype very closely too.

Yasmin AKA “Pretty Princess” dons a chic new bob, and stays in touch with her love of vintage dresses in a cute floral mini!

Jade AKA “Kool Kat” sports a quirky and cool set of skin-tight denim overalls, paired with a stylish striped top that lives up to her fashionista persona!

Sasha AKA “Bunny Boo” always keeps it fresh, and this fall she’s trading in her darker brown locks for a sassy red color! She’s rockin’ a very classy red satin mini dress as well, over  a professional-looking black and white top, all topped off with a pair of her favorite sculptured heels!

Hey Bratz Fans!

Alex and Adrianne here! Allow us to be the first to welcome you all to Bratz Boulevard, your new #1 destination for all things Bratz! For the past six months, we’ve been working around the clock to make this website the best we can, and we hope you all love it!

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