Hey Bratz Fans!

You might remember when we exclusively revealed most of this fall’s Bratz artwork, way back in the beginning of the summer. Well we’ve done it again with today’s update! Remember the artwork of the Bratz girlz rockin’ their 2nd Boutique fashions used in Bratz Fashion Boutique the videogame, and the new Bratz Style Starz app? Now we’ve got a few of the full-sized, high quality, full-body versions of these illustrations! Check ’em out below

L-R: Jade in her 2nd Boutique dress, Sasha sans shopping bags with some brown contacts and hot red lipstick, Yasmin in her 2nd Boutique dress, and Yas again, this time without her shopping bags, and a more natural look without her cute green contacts! Click to view full-size!

Don’t you all just love when MGA makes more than one set of art for a line? Totally brings us back to 2002, when every doll had a ton of artwork made just for her! We really dig Jade’s Kool Kat couture the most, but how about all of you? Let us know on the forum, tweet us @BratzBoulevard, and “Like” us on facebook to let us know there!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today, the Bratz Spain page on facebook, who previously revealed the final promo for Strut it! Yasmin, unveiled a final promo shot of all six Strut it! dolls! Yes, we meant six – The Bratz’ resident redhead, Meygan, is now in the line as well! All six dolls are gorgeous, each decked out in a very cute and trendy outfit that reflects not only what’s hot in the streets, but also each girl’s individual style and personality.

Fianna, Meygan, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha!

Fianna AKA “Fragrance” comes in a pretty knit-patterned dress with sassy grey boots.

Meygan AKA the “Funky Fashion Monkey” surely lives up to her reputation for lookin’ good, even when she’s just hangin’, in a funky casual outfit consisting of bold patterned pants and a plain pink top. She’s also rockin’ some blonde highlights this fall!

Cloe AKA “Angel” looks like a sassy sweetheart in her long denim dress with a very high slit, and keeping with her fashion passion of sparkly fabrics, she’s sporting a shimmery black T-shirt underneath! As we predicted, she matches her prototype very closely too.

Yasmin AKA “Pretty Princess” dons a chic new bob, and stays in touch with her love of vintage dresses in a cute floral mini!

Jade AKA “Kool Kat” sports a quirky and cool set of skin-tight denim overalls, paired with a stylish striped top that lives up to her fashionista persona!

Sasha AKA “Bunny Boo” always keeps it fresh, and this fall she’s trading in her darker brown locks for a sassy red color! She’s rockin’ a very classy red satin mini dress as well, over  a professional-looking black and white top, all topped off with a pair of her favorite sculptured heels!