Hey Bratz Fans!

Today was the launch of a brand new, totally stylin’ Bratz app for iPad! It’s called Bratz Style Starz¬†and is filled with fabulous features! Users can rock the mic with the Bratz girlz in a funky microphone feature, where you can sing along to some hot Bratz tunes and even add awesome effects to your voice! Also included is a rockin’ Bratz-Cam feature! In the camera, you can snap hot shots and add tons of funky fashion filters and amazing effects like glitter, and glow! ¬†App users can even take their own faces and put them on one of the Bratz girlz’ bodies for a fun photo to share with your friends! Download the app on iTunes here, and check out some screenshots below!

Some screenshots of the new Bratz Style Starz app! Click to view full-size, and download the app in the link above!

We’re beyond psyched to download this and rock out with the Bratz! What about all of you? Let us know on twitter @BratzBoulevard or share your thoughts in the forum!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard