Hey Bratz Fans!

Have you ever wanted to spend a night livin’ it up with the Bratz? Well this Saturday, July 27th, we can all do just that at the Bratz Interactive Slumber Party! Some of you are probably thinking, “How does that work?” Well basically, we’ll all be online at the same time (7PM-11PM Eastern Standard Time!) on the Bratz’ pages (Facebook, twitter, and instagram) and as the Bratz introduce different activities, all the Bratzies and the Bratz themselves will post about them so it will be like we’re all together at a real-life sleep over! There are tons of awesome activities planned, like….

Bratz Double FeatureA Bratz double feature! Using Netflix or a DVD if you can’t stream, we can all watch Bratz Rock Angelz and Bratz Genie Magic together and post about our fave parts and LOL moments in real time all over the world! How awesome is that?! The Bratz will have a countdown on twitter to when we can all press play too, so don’t worry about being out-of-sync.

sundae fixinzOf course, you can’t have a sleep over without some good eatz! We’ll all be making our own ice cream sundaes too!

Bratz customizing waterbottles

And you can flaunt your funky fashion passion with a totally cool waterbottle customizing activity! Using the materials above, all the Bratzies and the Bratz will design their own one-of-a-kind bottle! Each of the Bratz will post theirs too and we’ll all guess who made which one!

Of course there will be TONS more to do online as well! Games like M.A.S.H., truth or lie, and fun twitter questions (Who do you think Cloe should marry? LOL!) will all be a part of this super-fun night! Oh and did we mention?

bratz slumber party giveaway

The Bratz will also be doing a totally glam giveaway throughout the night!!! So you gotta be in it to win it! To enter yourself in the giveaway, follow this link and SHARE the photo on facebook with your friends Once it hits 500 shares, every person who shared it will be entered! Of course you’ll have to be at the slumber party to find out who wins what too! 😉

For more details, check out the official invitation below, and don’t forget to connect with the Bratz on facebook, twitter, and instagram for more updates!


You can play along on your own, or even invite some of your real-life besties over to make the party even bigger!

Sweet Dreamz!
Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update is on the sleepwear line we previously posted about. In the past, we’ve been referring to it as “Satin Sleepover”, but as it turns out, the line might actually be the third edition of Sweet Dreamz; Pajama Party! We’ve checked the Russian shopping website where the photos were spotted, and according to rough translation, the line is called “Sweet Dreams” and each girl will include a bag that transforms into a sleeping bag! And to re-cap what was previously known – this is set to be one of the (USD)$14.99 ranges for fall. It is unknown right now whether or not Sasha will be making an appearance at the slumber party, but we wouldn’t doubt it 😉 Let us know what you all think in the forum!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update comes from our awesome pal and top poster on the forum – Jason! Tonight he’s blown us all away with a major find; PHOTOS of the new Bratz Satin Sleepover dolls!


Click to view full size

He posted that picture on our forum in the Fall 2012 thread. Go check ’em out!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’ 
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