Hey Bratz Fans!

Thanks to our friend Connor once again for sharing these with us, we’ve got the first boxed photos of Bratzillaz newbie, Fianna Fins!

Fianna Fins! Click to view full-size!

Fianna Fins! Click to view full-size!

She is just breath-takingly beautiful! We are loving the glitter makeup she’s rockin’, and her artwork is too cool! We’re very curious about what her bikini looks like too, as her skirt is much fuller than the other Midnight Beach witches’. Hopefully she’ll be in stores very soon!

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Rock that OOAK!

September 8, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today’s article is a tribute to the one of a kind Bratz items on Etsy.com. Some are terrifying, and some are really cool. We thought we would share our thoughts on the many wonders that can be found on Etsy. Hurrr we go!

Skirt Handmade Dolls Handmade Skirt Handmade Top Unique Clothing So Cute Lightweight Recycled Fabric

We love this adorable little skirt by hippiehousedesigns! Super simple and cute 🙂 Something our own Adrianne would totally rock, and for only $20 too!


Upcycled Doll Clothing Earrings - Blue Top & Jeans

How about some lil’Bratz clothing earrings from Jsebold87? No? Didn’t think so… A+ for creativity though. Okay, maybe an A-.


Brat Dolls Custom Personalized Text Chocolate Candy Bar Wrapper  Hershey Minis Party Favor Labels Stickers

A custom candy bar wrapper from JumpingSmilezFavors… what? We don’t get it either. 


Bratz doll Union Jack print top, silver pants and a sequin jacket

Here’s a super cute handmade Bratz outfit for only $7! It’s super stylin’ and we can tell the creator (Sofia) is very talented!


Going Solo - Bratz Upcycled Doll Face Pendant

Alright, we’ve seen these things all over Etsy for the longest time. But like, they’re so freaking creepy. Just the thought of someone taking scissors and literally cutting a Bratz head in half… *shudders* So. Creepy. You wanna pay $22.50 for that? gjarvisjewelryetc


Monarch the pixie an ooak bratz doll with magnetic feet

This item is scary but so cool at the same time. A very detailed OOAK doll, indeed! Kinda reminds us of some kind of avatar… Anyway, really cool and really weird knowing that used to just be a regular Bratz doll! Gayle


Bratz SweetHeart Ruffled Mini Dress

Ending it off with an item that is SO ADORABLE. Adrianne has had her eye on this for quite some time. It’s totally cute and practical while displaying a passion for fashion at the same time! SweetHeartClothing has a ton of these adorable dresses in all different fabrics and cartoons!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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Hey Bratz Fans!

So even if Bratz news is on a bit of a low, doesn’t mean we have to put our articles on hold (; As you all must know, many of our website’s awesome readers and forum members are headed back to school (if they haven’t already started). So let’s have a little Bratz throwback to the epic school-themed lines that have been released through the years. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some new ideas for some back to school outfits!

Taken straight from our very own wiki, the Back to School/Class girls are totally rocking those fall looks! In our opinion, Cloe’s outfit is still the most current and “in” fashion for this coming school year. The plaid skirt and class shirt never go out of style! Not to mention, long straight two-toned hair! How can you go wrong with that?

Speaking of “Bratz Class”, do you remember the exclusive UK versions? Like we said, plaid skirts are always in, and these girls definitely prove that! All of them but Kumi are wearing one! Also, all the girls are rockin’ some graphic tees which is so back to school chic!

Lastly, there’s this simple but super cute Italian exclusive of Bratz called “High School” where the girls rock (you guessed it) plaid skirts and graphic tees! Are you spotting a trend here…?

Although, if we had to pick our coolest back to school Bratz outfits, it wouldn’t be one of these dolls at all! Our vote for the most current back to school style for this fall would be Trend It!

Wouldn’t you agree? The outfits are simple enough for school, but enough to make a statement to all your fellow classmates!

That’s all for now, Bratz fans. Have a stylin school year filled with stylin fashions!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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