Hey Bratz Fans!

LONG time, no update! We’re really sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of our drawing for the two Bratz Russian-Exclusive Special Edition Holiday dolls! We’ve both been pretty busy, but now it is finally spring break and time to let everyone know whose pictures we drew!

Bratz Boulevard 2013 Holiday Giveaway graphic 1

We received TONS of amazing entries, far more than even we were expecting! And MGA was just as impressed! Everybody should be really proud of their hard work, win or no win. And now without further ado…

First, Cloe is going to Daisy Flores! Daisy gave us this adorable edit of 2004’s Wintertime Collection artwork and said, “I love Bratz [because] they express [themselves]!” We love that too! ;D

Daisy's entry!

Daisy’s entry!

And next, Yasmin is on her way to “prettyprincesa1337”, who submitted this cute photo of Pretty Princess working some special holiday sparkle! She says she loves Bratz “[because] they [are] unique and cool dolls. they [inspire] me to be my self and love fashion!” Sounds great to us!

prettyprincesa1337's Entry!

prettyprincesa1337’s Entry!


We are working on finding a way to show off ALL of your beautiful entries, maybe for next Christmas? In the meantime, we thank you all for your participation and we hope to do more giveaways in the future!

113416 Bratz Special Edition Cloe FW PKG F_jpg 113423 Bratz Special Edition Yasmin FW PKG L_jpg
And as for the winners, your dolls have both been sent out. When you get them, feel free to share your photos of them with us! Congratz again!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Remember the totally STUNNING 2013 Bratz Special Edition Yasmin & Cloe dolls? The ones exclusive to Russia and not available anywhere else? Well thanks to the totally generous folks MGA Entertainment, we’ve got our hands on a set that could have your name on it! That’s right – we are super psyched to announce our first ever Holiday Giveaway!!

Bratz Boulevard 2013 Holiday Giveaway graphic 1


We will be raffling off Yasmin and Cloe individually and giving them to the lucky winners totally free of charge! If you’re outside of Russia, this will likely be your one and only chance to own one! To enter the raffle is super simple. 🙂

Here’s how to get your name in the drawing!

The holiday season is all about giving, and of course nobody gives more to the Bratz fans than the girlz themselves and the people who make them up at MGA! So this winter, we’re going to give back and say “thankz!” with a totally stylin’ wintertime scrapbook from all the Bratzies! To get into the book as well as our exclusive drawing for the Russian Exclusive Bratz Special Edition Yasmin & Cloe dolls, you’ve got to create a visual of some sort (It can be a photo, a drawing, an awesome edit, even a super-stylin’ winter fashion design – Basically, if we can print it, it’s perfect!) related to the Bratz, as well as a winter or holiday theme! Once you’re done, email your work to bbntm@bratzboulevard.com as well as your preferred name and a sentence on why you LOVE the Bratz! Check out our little example below 🙂

Here's an example of what we're looking for - a winter or holiday-themed Bratz visual, a sentence on what you LOVE about the Bratz, and your preferred name! :) Email it all to bbntm@bratzboulevard.com

Here’s an example of what we’re looking for – a winter or holiday-themed Bratz visual, a sentence on what you LOVE about the Bratz, and your preferred name! 🙂 Email it all to bbntm@bratzboulevard.com

To select the winners, we will be drawing two names at random, so don’t worry if you feel your work might not be the best, it’s just your ticket in! We know that the folks at MGA are going to totally love and appreciate all of the Bratzies’ work no matter what! The deadline for entering is December 20th, 2013 and anybody can enter – just make sure if you’re under 18 that your parents or guardians are cool with you receiving a package from us first! We can’t wait to see what everybody turns in!!

If you’re still not totally convinced that you should join in, have a better look at the two amazing prizes in Alex’s video review below!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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Hey Bratz Fans!

If you remember our second post, then you know there’s a line called Biker Babez coming out that we haven’t heard much of – until today that is! Our awesome friend Maxim shared a new (final!) promo picture featuring Meygan, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin from the line! It hasn’t been confirmed that Sasha will be making an appearance in this collection, but it’s very likely that she will. 🙂

Biker Babez! L-R: Meygan, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin!

Meygan is definitely the standout doll in this line for us! The very first thing we noticed was her dark brown lipstick, which is a major throwback to Meygan’s roots – we totally missed seeing our Funky Fashion Monkey with her dark, dramatic tones! Her hair color is also absolutely stunning, in a very bright red with a few auburn lowlights. Her outfit is very cool too, with her skin-tight black pants, skull motifs, and electric blue vest! Of course she’s got on her tattoo sleeves, as that is the main feature of the line.

Jade is a knockout as well! While she has done pink streaks a lot over the past few years, it’s one of her signature quirks and it works in a line like this. We love how MGA switched things up a bit and gave her grey eyes though! Her outfit is very Pretty ‘N’ Punk with her schoolgirl skirt, and the studded pink pleather top is giving us some major biker vibes!

Cloe’s probably the one whose look has been switched up the most here, and we love her! Her hair is very golden blonde here, as opposed to her usual platinum locks, and she’s also got some brown lowlights. Her makeup is very dramatic as well, with fire engine red lips that pop against her pale blue eyes! Her outfit is giving off some Britney vibes LOL, but we’re always down for a Brit nod! Like Meygan, Cloe’s got on skintight leggings, but her’s fit into her boots – which are also to die for, by the way! The chain belt is an awesome detail as well!

Yasmin is another standout for us. Immediately, we noticed that MGA is using her darker hair color for this line, and mixing in some raspberry colors as well! We like that MGA kept Yasmin’s earthy theme alive by giving her the least dramatic makeup in the line too. Her netted top with a black tube top underneath is a favorite piece of our’s, and we adore her high-waisted leather shorts too! Her peachy pink vest on top contrasts really nicely against the darker pieces. In our opinion, Yasmin looks like the one who’s most ready to hop on a Harley and ride off! And if you’ve seen the Bratz episode “Truth or Dare”, you’d know she already has! LOL

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