Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we have an exciting find to share with you all – the new Bratzillaz fashion packs! Previously, we had shared a smaller photo of all five from a German website, but now thanks to Smyths, we have HQ promo pictures of them all!

All five Bratzillaz girls in their fashions! L-R: Jade J’Adore in “Romantic Spell”, Cloetta Spelletta in “Changed Up Chic”, Yasmina Clairvoya in “Midnight Magic”, Meygana Broomstix in “True Blue Style”, and Sashabella Paws in “Blood Red Charm”! Click to view in full 🙂

They look absolutely wicked! We adore the new shoe molds, and even more, their fabric witch hats! Each outfit includes something for the dolls to wear, and even something for their pets too! We have individual promos for “Romantic Spell”, “Changed Up Chic”, and “Blood Red Charm” at the moment 🙂

Blood Red Charm!

Blood Red Charm is a totally fierce and furry outfit, consisting of a hot red shimmery dress with black faux fur trim and silver netting on top! We love the matching fabric hat too, and the wicked leather jacket (With a little vest to match for Fluffinscruff!) really ties the whole look together in our opinions!

Changed Up Chic!

Changed Up Chic is super cute, and actually reminds us of the Bratz Ooh La La Paris line from a few years back! Green and pink are the main colors for this look, with a sharp pink jacket and shocking lime green layered skirt underneath – both in a stylish gingham pattern! Knee-high black boots complete the look, and two collars for Barkthalomeow make the perfect match!

Romantic Spell!

Romantic Spell is another majorly cute look, which appears to be inspired by some of the looks popular in Japan’s Harajuku subculture, with its extreme use of tulle, glitter, pink, bows, and hearts – basically all things cute! The polka-dot bowtie on the top has to be one of our favorite details, along with the strappy heels and little hat for Kissifuss!

That’s all we’ve got for Bratzillaz fashion packs at the moment, but as always…

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

Amazon.de, the German branch of Amazon, has listed several of this fall’s Bratz and Bratzillaz products! While most of the products listed have been previously announced, the listings provide new information that was previously unconfirmed. You can view all of the listings here.

Perhaps the most exciting of them all is a new winter-themed line called Pink Winter World! This line, previously misinterpreted as “Pink Water World”, has been known of for about a week or two, though this is the first legitimate confirmation of the line, and also lists previously-unknown information! Amazon.de has listings up for a Yasmin, Cloe, and Meygan doll. We’re a bit concerned that “Closmin” may be back in action, but it is a possibility that Sasha is in the line as well, since she’s rarely sold overseas. According to the listings, the dolls will each include two outfits – one for their winter sports, and a second for a ski lodge party, in addition to a doll-sized cup of cocoa, and a keychain for you! This reminds us a lot of Wintertime Wonderland from 2003 and 2004, which also included two outfits (and for the same functions at that!), doll-sized cocoa, and keychains for you! We’re hoping these girls aren’t too “pinked out” though, since that’s not a very Bratzy look, if you know what we mean 😉

Also listed are the Crystalicious, Chic Mystique, and Boutique lines. While the Crystalicious and Chic Mystique listings don’t reveal anything new, the Boutique listings confirm that each doll will include two complete fashions (And yes, that means TWO pairs of shoes!), a mannequin whose stand also works for the dolls, sales counters, cash registers, scanners with real chirping sound effects, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, tote bags, purses, shopping bags, and shoe boxes – all neatly packed in a box which doubles as a character-specific boutique (Yasmin Chic & Co, Angel Cloe & Co, L.O.V.E. Jade, and Sasha’s isn’t listed)

And in the world of Bratzillaz, there are listings for the dolls, pets, playset, secret message pad, fashion packs, and accessory packs! We now know that the Secret Message Pad will be a writing pad of some sort, which includes an “invisible ink” pen and a “magic light” which will reveal whatever you write (We can assume the light will be a black light), and that the set will double as a picture frame! While the listings for the fashion and accessory packs don’t reveal any specific details, the titles are now confirmed. The fashion packs are called “Romantic Spell”, “Midnight Magic”, “Blood Red Charm”, “True Blue Style”, and “Changed-Up Chic”. We’re guessing Romantic Spell will be Jade’s, Midnight Magic will be Yasmina’s, Blood Red Charm will be Sashabella’s, True Blue Style will be Meygana’s, and Changed-Up Chic will be Cloetta’s. The accessory packs are called “Wicked Night Out”, “Charmed Life”, and “Academy Style”. We think Charmed Life will include lots of shiny bling for the witches, Academy Style will include some school-themed accessories for the girls’ school of magic and fashion, and Wicked Night Out will include fun “dressy” accessories like clips, headbands, etc.

We’re so excited to see everything! Let’s hope we can see some photos soon 😀

Stay Tuned  & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard