Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight’s update is on the ever-changing sleepwear line for fall, now confirmed as simply Pajama Party. Our friend Drek found the three dolls on taobao, and after a bit of searching, we came upon the link ourselves! Check out the photos below.

The final dolls, all boxed up! L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade. Click to view full size.

We are beyond delighted to see all of the fantastic detailing on each girls’ pajamas! It’s also worth noting that their original gimmick (Bags to Sleeping bags) has been replaced with the inclusion of cute personalized satin pillows. In all honesty though, we find ourselves wishing these outfits were sold as fashion packs rather than dolls. One of the main things that excited us about this line upon seeing the promos, was their faces. Jade’s in particular; Had they done their original faces it would have been the first time Jade’s had an open mouth since 2009! Instead the final dolls appear to have faces borrowed from this spring’s Featherageous line, and nylon hair as well – which was a bit of a shock considering all but three lines for this fall were known to have nylon prior to tonight’s find! Overall though, the line does boast some of the best PJ’s we’ve seen on the Bratz girls in years so all is not lost! Fingers crossed the girls all have their adorable fluffy slippers too! 😉

The back of one of the Pajama Party dolls’ boxes, presumably Cloe’s. Click to view full size!

The back of the box is a bit of a surprise too! Notice the lack of “trading card” with the girl’s info that appears on the majority of this fall’s Bratz products. This makes us wonder if this line will actually be less than $14.99 after all! They’ve downgraded the hair and faces, removed the gimmick, and the box is clearly different from the others this fall… Keep it locked, we’ll try and get an update soon! But for now, sound off in the forum and let us know what you think!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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