Hey Bratz Fans!

9/23/12 UPDATE: We have spoken to a friend of ours at MGA Entertainment, who has confirmed for us that the Holiday Sasha we had seen earlier was just a prototype, and was scrapped early on. No individual promotional photos of a “final” version were shot either.

Today we’ve got a pretty interesting update on this year’s Bratz Holiday line. It looks like there might just be two Yasmin dolls for this collection! Check out the exclusive boxed photo below.

The interesting variant Holiday Yasmin. Click to view in full-size!

The doll herself looks exactly like the “standard” Holiday Yasmin doll, but the outfit is actually taken from the Holiday Sasha prototype we reported on earlier. If this is an official release, it sadly confirms the cancellation of that Sasha doll. It’s always a possibility that this is a prototype, but this looks pretty final to us. Let us know what you think though! Tweet us @BratzBoulevard or let us know in the forum 🙂

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