Hey Bratz Fans!

TaoBao never seems to disappoint! Tons of pics of the new dolls in their final stage have been revealed! Forget prototypes, we’ve got the real thing right here! This is the way the dolls will look when they hit shelves hopefully super soon…

Here we see Twisty Styles without all the fancy do-das in their hair, so don’t worry about that! They’ll look ever cooler once those all get put in! We’re really glad to see that the outfits really haven’t changed all that much, as we totally loved them as prototypes. Sadly the hair seems to be Nylon, which is a first for a Bratz hair-play line, BUT the colours are to die for (especially┬áJade’s)! As for the faces, they seem to have changed a little, but keeping the same basic idea in mind. Be sure to click the pictures for a closer look to see for yourself.

Here are Cloe and Jade from Costume Bash and we could not be happier with the turn out! Check out how much like the prototypes they are! Although, Cloe’s eyes seemed to have changed a tiny bit, as well as the colour of her streaks from purple to pink. Both dolls are flawless, we’re so excited! Can’t wait to see Yasmin eventually…

Also, look at the back of the box! First of all, that artwork is SO COOL. And second, we love the promo MGA is adding on the back of the boxes. It’s bound to bring some new fans into the online world of Bratz!

Awww look at the basic Bratz! They look just like the prototypes, it’s great! Still looking fabulous as ever! Yasmin even seems to have make up that’s just a tiny bit lighter than her prototype, so that’s nice to see. Looking good, girls!

Lastly we have the new basic Jade J’adore Bratzillaz! She’s definitely very…. red. Haha! We love the shoes, that’s an awesome mold, and the skirt is pretty funky too! But we wish we weren’t getting quite as strong of a Ronald McDonald vibe! ­čśŤ Either way, we’re excited to see how the other girls turn out!

Stay Tuned & Stay StylinÔÇÖ!
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