Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s been a LONG time since we last updated, but finally there is news to share! Today one of our Canadian bestiez, Nik, found the all-new Bratz Action Heroez Roxxi & Phoebe dolls at Toys R Us! He snapped two shots of Phoebe for us, and bought her, so check out his flickr for pix later on!


Phoebe2So great to finally have some closeup shots of her gorgeous face IRL!! We love the neon mint lining her eyes!! Hopefully someone will get Roxxi soon and share photos of her too!

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9/27 UPDATE!

Our pal Nik has pulled through once again and got us photos of Roxxi as well! As always, click the photos to make them larger!


nik roxxi2How SUPER gorgeous is she?! We’re totally loving all the colors in both of the twiins’ faces!! It’s so great to have them back πŸ™‚ A huge thanks to Nik for the photos, and again, be sure to check out his flickr!

Hey Bratz Fans!

Alex here, to fill everybody in on the super awesome new Bratz Action Heroez app out now! We posted a little about it on our facebook pageΒ and some of our readers wanted to know more about this amazing app! Hopefully I can cover everything with this πŸ™‚

There's more than one way to save the day! Click to view full size.

There’s more than one way to save the day! Click to view full size.

The first thing you’ll notice in the home screen is that thare are two ways to play! “Adventure” mode does not require a Bratz Action Heroez figurine or AR matt (Though it can be enhanced with them – I’ll cover that later) and is the “main game” of the app. “Virtual Experience” mode has several features involving the figurines and matts, which are not only fun on their own, but can also enhance gameplay in “Adventure” mode, which again, I’ll cover later in this piece.

First up, here’s Adventure Mode!

Bratz Action Heroez to the rescue! Click to view full size.

Bratz Action Heroez to the rescue! Click to view full size.

In Adventure mode, you play as Yasmin (Unless you have any of the figures & mats for other characters, in which case you can switch and play as any of the ones you’ve unlocked with the mat) who is now an Action Hero, and are introduced to the city of Passionview. After fixing a broken fountain, you meet Evilla Vanderbelt (pictured above), the villainess of the game whose mission is to suck all the color out of Passionview, and eventually the world! The first step to stopping her is to destroy her troll-esque minions that are wreaking havoc all around the city! To do this, you run around, hunt them down and use your super powers (Depending on which doll you’re playing as; Yasmin’s tornado twirl, Cloe’s speed dash, Shira’s angel flight, Roxxi’s fire whip, or Phoebe’s ice shield!) and the kicking action to destroy them all! Since the game has only been out for about two days now, it’s still in version 1.0, so your next mission after killing off the minions is still locked, but we’re excited to play it when the first update comes out! For now, I’ll cover some of the other exciting features in Adventure mode.

Strike a pose! Click to view full size.

Strike a pose! Click to view full size.

The city of Passionview is totally huge, and covered in beautiful Bratz billboards! So far, I’ve seen the 2010 basic art, Twisty Style Jade’s, and the four girlz in their “branding” outfits we wrote about when the BratzCam app launched. Fun little Easter Egg: One of the shirts on the clothing racks actually has some cute throwback Yasmin art on it from 2007! So far, I’ve explored enough to see Passionview’s beach, market, Colliseum, drive-in theater, the fashion district, the town center, and of course all the buildings and alleyways. Surrounding the city are several fantasy-themed locations too, though none are available yet (They’ll be unlocked in further updates), they all look really cool!

Check out the signs - SO many places to visit soon! Click to view full size.

Check out the signs – SO many places to visit soon! Click to view full size.


And now for the “Virtual Experience Mode”!

As you can see, there's TONS to do! Click to view full size.

As you can see, there’s TONS to do! Click to view full size.

This mode makes use of the cute Action Heroez figurines and AR mats included with the dolls, unlocking each character, as well as six fashions for each, individual “training” minigames, and more!

Not pictured: Yasmin's My Passion outfit, but that's available too! Click to view full size.

Not pictured: Yasmin’s My Passion outfit, but that’s available too! Click to view full size.

When you choose the fashion option and scan your figure, you insantly unlock their fashion line – six outfits that you can now wear in Adventure Mode, as well as “Party Mode” (Which I’ll cover next). I’ve only got Yasmin, Cloe, and Shira at the moment, so I’m really excited to see what new fashions the Twiins will unlock! Shira borrows Sasha’s (unreleased) Twisty Style fashion, her My Passion look, her Xpress it! outfit, “branding” fashion, fall 2013 basic look, and of course Shira’s own Action Heroez suit! Cloe’s fashions come from her fall basic doll, Twisty Style, Xpress it!, My Passion, All Glammed Up Designer Streaks, and of course her Action Heroez doll. Yasmin’s are from her My Passion, fall basic, Xpress it!, Rock, and Action Heroez dolls, plus an unknown fashion (center), with a cute striped top!

Closmin party! Click to view full size.

Closmin party! Click to view full size.

The Party Mode in the virtual experience allows you to scan more than one figure and watch them interact with each other! Each of the figures will greet each other differently, which is totally cute, and as you can see, they stay in the outfits you picked out in the fashion feature!

Cloe's training! Click to view full size.

Cloe’s training! Click to view full size.

Shira's training! Click to view full size.

Shira’s training! Click to view full size.

Yasmin's training! Click to view full size.

Yasmin’s training! Click to view full size.

Each character will also unlock her own “training” minigame when scanned! These are not only super fun on their own, but with each level you pass, the character’s power actually increases in the Adventure Mode game! In Cloe’s game, you’ve got to dodge bombs being dropped while using her Speed Dash power to destroy the evil bugs and troll minions! How gross are those bugs?! LOL! Shira’s game is kind of like Action Heroez dodgeball, using her angel flight powers, you have to avoid the evil eyeballs running towards you. Yasmin’s minigame uses her Tornado Twirl to bust open boulders and unleash the flowers inside of them! All three are really fun, and surprisingly pretty challenging since you’re timed! It all pays off to boost your in-game power though πŸ˜‰

So, that is the super awesome new Bratz Action Heroez app, available now in the app store for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad! Get it here πŸ˜€Β if enough Bratzies get it (It’s free!), maybe it could even chart for a bit like the Style Starz app did last fall!

Be sure to check out my video review on the Bratz Action Heroez Yasmin, Cloe, and Shira dolls below too!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Today’s awesome update comes to you thanks to fellow Bratz fansite, Bratz Heaven! Thanks to their super-sleuthing abilities, we now have Amazon links to the new Bratz Action Heroez and Bratz My Passion dolls! Both of these lines are presumably for fall, but the fact that they’re already on Amazon (though no photos yet) and – at least for the heroez – even listed in Target’s database, makes us wonder if these could be a “mid-season” release. Kind of like True Hope coming out in June, rather than August last year!

Action Heroez is super exciting, based on the confirmed characters alone! Cloe & Yasmin of course, but also Roxxi, Phoebe, and Shira! No word on what their superpowers are, but their listings confirm that each doll will include a mini figure which unlocks an augmented reality game online! Check out the listings below:


Be sure to give yourselves a pat on the back for helping to bring back Roxxi, Phoebe, and Shira, too! When it came time to choose who went in what lines this fall, MGA went to our survey results and used some of your fan faves! We can’t wait to see who else is coming back this year πŸ™‚

And the next new line is called “My Passion”. This line is something Bratzies have been requesting for a LONG time – the Bratz unleashing their passions and working their dream jobs! This line features the core-four, and each girl has a different career. Check out their listings below!

Yasmin – Music DJ
Cloe – Web Designer
Sasha – Fashion Designer
Jade – Fashion Blogger

We LOVE how this sounds, and we love even more that the Bratz’ careers are outside of the box and not the typical “career doll”-type jobs like a “babysitter” or a “pet vet”.

A BIG thank you again to Bratz Heaven for sharing these exciting updates with us all, and we’ll see if we can find out anything else about them!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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