Hey Bratz Fans!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (and a not-too-hectic Black Friday, LOL!)! Today we’ve got BIG news for fans of the Bratz’ wicked glam cousins, Bratzillaz! We have the name of two new BZ lines for next spring, as well as the name of a NEW character!

One line that is just perfect for springtime is called “Midnight Beach“! This will obviously be a swimwear line, and should be around $20 like the first edition dolls. No word yet on which characters will be included in this one.

And the second line we know of is called “Magic Night Out“! This sounds like it will be super glam, like the Bratz’ Girls Nite Out! line from 2004. It will be $25-$30, so we’re expecting big things from this one! It will include Yasmina, Cloetta, Sashabella, Jade, Meygana, and a NEW girl named Vampelina!

So we’re officially super-psyched for next spring! How about you all? Let us know on twitter (@BratzBoulevard), facebook.com/BratzBoulevard, or on our forum!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard