Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we’ve got a fun update on the Bratz Chic Mystique line – Funky Fashion Makeover styling heads! Those who saw the photo from the Bratz booth at Australia’s Toy Fair this year (See our second ever post) shouldn’t be surprised, but now we’ve got some specifics, and even a photo of Cloe and Yasmin!

Bratz Chic Mystique Funky Fashion Makeover Cloe!

These look awesome to us, certainly one of the most deluxe FFM sets in a while! Each set includes a funky mask for your Bratz and you, a featherageous tiara, styling loop tool, two tubes of color gel, glitter hair mascara, and a brush! The set above is Cloe, and just like her stunning doll, she’s got gorgeous platinum curls, lovely lilac eyes and eyeshadow, and fabulous frosted lips!

Bratz Chic Mystique Funky Fashion Makeover Yasmin!

And shown here is Yasmin’s, though the photo is very small. We’re assuming Sasha and Jade will be included as well, and possibly Meygan depending on the availability of her Chic Mystique doll. We’ll keep you all up to date on any developments! But for now, head over to the forum and discuss!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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