Hey Bratz Fans!

Remember the “Holiday Funk n’ Glow” dolls that were announced on QVC earlier this year? Well now, thanks to our pal Domenic, we’ve got photos of them all boxed up from taobao! Check ’em out below

NEW Bratz Holiday Glow dolls, L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, Jade! Note the misspelling of “what” on Yasmin’s box! LOL (Click to view full-size)

We think this line is really cute, and might be good for making a fashionably festive Bratz Christmas display in your home! It is interesting to see that the Holiday Glow dolls don’t include the Holospex glasses, which were one of the main features of this year’s Funk n’ Glow line. So what are your thoughts on these winter beauties? Let us know on the forum, tweet us @BratzBoulevard, or “Like” our facebook page at facebook.com/BratzBoulevard and let us know there!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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