Hey Bratz Fans!

Thanks to our friend Chris, AKA DudeWithDolls (Check out his flickr here!), we have a major scoop on this absolutely amazing new Toys R Us Exclusive Bratz “Fashion Stylistz” 4-pack! The pack features the core four in some amazingly detailed fashions, with pieces like fabric purses, hats, jackets, and jewelry! Check out Chris’s photo of the set at his Toys R Us store below!

The new Bratz Fashion Stylistz four-pack! Big thanks to our friend Chris for allowing us to use his photo. Click to view full-size!

According to Chris, the set was $39.99, which is pretty decent considering that just one of the dolls included would probably retail for about $19.99 alone given all of the¬†impeccable¬†detailing – these girls have real metal studs in their fashions, chain belts, hemmed edges, fabric bags and hats, plenty of accessories – really everything we’d expect from a Bratz prototype…in 2006! One thing that we’re especially curious about though, is the name! Fashion Stylistz was a line in 2007, with Yasmin, Cloe, and Leah taking on different tasks of a typical fashion stylist. Will there be a new line for this fall under the same name? We’ll be getting to the bottom of this soon, so keep it locked! And in the meantime, let’s discuss! Head over the forum to gush over this amazing exclusive!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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