Hey Bratz Fans!

By now, we’re sure everyone’s read the listings for Bratz Crystalicious on sites like Target.com, Very.co.uk, Walmart.com, etc. and has come across details like a real-working hairdryer, and glitter hairgel coming with the dolls. We’ll be the first to admit, we thought all of that was just a mistake, and that perhaps the websites were confusing the dolls with the Salon and Spa playset, which does include a real working hairdryer. Besides, we’ve got photos of the dolls in their boxes! MGA wouldn’t put out two “classes” of the same line, would they? Yes they would, and they have! Thanks to a recent listing with photos, we can now confirm that there is a deluxe version of the Bratz Crystalicious line that will include a real-working hairdryer and glitter hair gel! Check out Jade below…

Bratz Crystalicious Deluxe Jade in her box!

As you all can see, the only differences are the boxes and of course, the added hairdryer and glitter gel. The dolls themselves remain unchanged 🙂

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Another big update on the Bratz Crystalicious dolls today! Thanks to the Chinese auction site, taobao, where many factory workers post factory rejects and stolen goods, we are the FIRST to share these clear photos of the Crystalicious dolls exactly as we’ll be getting them, boxed and all! You can check out the full listing here.

All four Bratz Crystalicious dolls! L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin!

The first thing to strike us was the similarity to the Funk ‘n Glow packaging from this spring, which sadly means this line has no artwork that we know of. On the bright side though, we do appreciate the more modern and elegant vibe of this style of packaging, and the cut-out cards on the back are very cute too!

The back of all four Bratz Crystalicious boxes! L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin

As you can see in the above photo, we were correct about the promo picture we saw earlier being for Cloe’s box 😉 Now, onto the dolls!

Bratz Crystalicious Yasmin

Yasmin is absolutely stunning in her sequined dress! We are very happy to see that the dolls and their outfits not only match their promo photos, but that the flowers on their dresses are actually removable too! Yasmin’s makeup is fantastic too. We love that they’re switching up their palettes a lot, and Yasmin really pops in her bubblegum pink lipstick! The glitter eyeshadow is still present as well, thankfully. She looks to have gone back to her original, lighter shade of brown hair, with some cute golden blonde highlights mixed in as well! It looks like this line will include a clip-in hair extension made of iridescent tinsel and “crystal” beads, as well as nine little gems, and six “flower” gems which can be used on their dresses, as well as their hair! We’re going to take a shot in the dark and guess that these girls will also include ten rubber bands like the Featherageous girls too, though we won’t know for sure until they hit stores 🙂

Bratz Crystalicious Cloe

Cloe is absolutely breath-taking! Her sizzlin’ silver mini dress is easily our favorite, with its modern design and sparkling sequins all over. Her face is just as flawless too, and like Yasmin, she’s upped the “drama” a bit (We all know how dramatic Cloe is, LOL) in her palette, with very bright reddish pink lips and glittery silver eyeshadow! Her hair color looks to be her signature platinum, though not quite as light as usual, probably for fall 😉

Bratz Crystalicious Sasha

Sasha is most definitely another favorite too – We love our Bunny Boo with bangs and braids! 😉 Her dress is also a fave, for its realistic look and gorgeous fall colors that look superb on Sasha. The coloring in her makeup is somewhat similar to that of her Catz doll, though her actual eye color is different, and her lips are a bit more orangey, plus she’s got teeth! Lately Sasha’s been experimenting with her hair color a bit, and Crystalicious sees her rockin’ a nice blend of black and brown, with some red mixed in!

Bratz Crystalicious Jade

Jade looks pretty in purple for Crystalicious! Kool Kat’s purrrfect party dress definitely gives us some retro vibes with its fun ruffles and metallic material. Her makeup isn’t quite as bold as the others, but Jade still manages to hold her own in the line with her pink lips and pretty violet eyeshadow! She also has her signature bangs, though her hair actually looks to be pure black again in this line, which is refreshing after having so many releases where her hair is a blend of black and darker browns 🙂

So, those are the new Crystalicious Bratz for this fall! You can expect them in stores during the summer, and probably pretty soon actually since they’re already on taobao 😉

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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