Hey Bratz Fans!

Today we have an awesome update to share – most of the amazon.de listings we previously reported on, now have photos up! We learned this earlier today, after our friend Muhammed posted some of the photos on flickr. As usual, you can find all of the listings and their HUGE photos here!

On the left is Chic Mystique Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade before their transformation, and on the right is them after! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

First, Chic Mystique! These dolls are absolutely amazing! Their costumes are so over-the-top and glamorous, even more so than last year’s Masquerade line! One of our absolute favorite features of this line is their amazing, sky-high heels! The stunning contrasting colors in all of their dresses are very appealing too, and the glittery makeup and candy-colored hair are gorgeous! Their masks are also very glittery and dramatic, actually this line reminds us a bit of Nicki Minaj (Which we love, LOL!) Their dresses transform, apparently when the front “flaps” are lifted and an array of colorful tulle ruffles are revealed! It appears as if their wings will pop up from their backs, Buzz Lightyear style too. This line will also include Sasha, but as she isn’t available in Germany, her photo is still to be seen. 🙂

Bratz Boutique Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade with their stores! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

Next, Bratz Boutique! This line is absolutely jaw-dropping! As we already knew, each doll includes their own personalized store stocked full of fun accessories, and now we can see it all up close! We are so thrilled to see that the dolls to include everything mentioned in our previous report on them, and also that the dolls almost completely match their prototypes! The only differences are their sunglasses, and the way their shoes are painted. Yasmin looks very “Pretty Princess” in her casual boho look, which is very retro with her fringed vest, bell-bottom jeans and psychedelic scarf! Her store, “Yasmin Chic & Co.” has a gorgeous purple floral dress on display (on its included mannequin!) as well as two pairs of earrings – in addition to the pair she’s got on, boho brown ankle-boots that are ready to be bought in their included shoe box, a counter with chirping scanner sound effects, and a shopping bag to wrap up whatever Pretty Princess purchases! Cloe is our absolute favorite in this line. Her outfit is SUPER trendy! From her “bump” hairstyle and black aviator frames, to her chic rose-patterned skirt, Angel’s got it all in this set! Her store has a fantastic zebra dress with shoulder pads, which are pretty big right now! The shoes she has out are a dark peach version of the boots available in Yasmin’s store as well. Jade’s store is very “Kool Kat” with a slight hipster vibe! Jade herself is rockin’ some crazy cool camo skinnies in black and white, with a striped shirt and trendy fur vest to top it off – Peep that big kitty bag too, so cute! The dress Jade has out is perhaps the most detailed in the line (so far, keep in mind that we still haven’t seen Sasha!) with awesome netted details and a black and pink cat pattern! Her shoes are white with red bottoms (very Louboutin) and her counter is actually a different mold from Cloe’s and Yasmin’s. We’re guessing Sasha will have this counter too, in a different color.

The Bratzillaz Secret Message Pad! As always, click the photo to see everything up close!

And finally, is the Bratzillaz Secret Message Pad! This funky tablet allows you to write a hidden message using the included broomstick pen, and then a black light back light (Try saying that five times fast!) will reveal all! The set also doubles as a wicked photo frame for showing off your awesome memories!

That’s all for now guys, but we’ll keep you all updated when more news comes out! 🙂

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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