Hey Bratz Fans!

Happy Birthday, Bratz!

So as some of you may know, today is a big day for the Bratz! Eleven years ago on this date, the world was publicly introduced to Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade; The Girls With a Passion for Fashion! From that day on, best friends have truly never looked so good. Though initially met with limited success in the United States, (In Spain however, they were absolutely huge – selling out 15,000 dolls within four days of their Spain launch that June!) being carried only by Toys R Us until that July when WalMart started stocking, after MGA produced their first television commercial, the Bratz took off into the stratosphere almost overnight! With their unique twist of realistic street-wise style, exaggerated and cartoony aesthetic, and unmatched playline quality, the Bratz Pack quickly enthralled nearly every child and tween in the nation, and several adults as well. Over the years, the Bratz have received numerous awards and accolades from both the toy industry and fans alike who had fallen head over snap-on heels in love with the brand! In addition to their four TIA awards (two being Toy Of The Year awards) and four Family Fun Toy of the Year awards, the Bratz brand has received recognition from several highly-revered toy industry and marketing magazines/websites such as Toy Wishes, Time to Play, Dr. Toy, and more. MGA Entertainment also boasts thirteen retailer awards, largely thanks to the success of the Bratz. Throughout their time on the market, the amount of success the Bratz have had is nothing short of iconic – how many playline dolls do you know of who have even had a fifth anniversary, let alone an eleventh?! Within their first five years, Bratz had quickly become the #1 fashion dolls all over the word, having earned $2,000,000,000 in sales during the year 2005 alone. For the fourth quarter of 2006, the Bratz had become the #1 selling fashion doll in America, making them the only dolls in recent history to overthrow Barbie in the United States. Reaching eleven years doesn’t come without some struggles as well though. Ever since their introduction, the brand has been plagued with a less-than-favorable reputation among many parents, who just weren’t mature enough to handle a doll dressed as a normal teenaged girl. One of their most notable adversities though, was a seven-year legal battle with Mattel over the rights to the dolls. The lengthy case put a major strain on the brand, forcing many big licensees to sever ties with the Bratz. For nearly three years of the battle, the rights to the dolls were in the air, which made MGA wary of putting their maximum effort into the dolls’ quality since they could have been taken from them at any given time. Thankfully though, all of the legal issues with Mattel have been put in the past, and the Bratz will be with MGA to celebrate this anniversary, and many others as well. Now, someone cut the cake (preferably one of those listed below – LOL!) and get the music blastin’, ‘cuz we’re celebrating The Girls With a Passion for Fashion!

Here’s our girls as the world first met them!

Happy Birthday Bratz!

Bratz Boulevard