Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s that time of the year again – time for all of this fall’s Bratz releases to start leaking out! We’ve seen Strut it!, 4/5 of the Bratzillaz, Chic Mystique, Boutique, and now in stunning high resolution, Crystalicious! A promo photo, presumably the one to be used on the back of Crystalicious Cloe’s box (judging by the background edited to match her outfit, as well as the emphasis placed on her name and her doll), was leaked today on a Russian Bratz website, and brought to our attention by our awesome friend, Anya S! We’ll have more information on the photo’s source soon, but for now – let’s gush!

L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin!

As you ¬†know from our previous report on the fall 2012 Bratz lines, Crystalicious is one of two hairplay lines for fall. The main feature appears to be “crystal” hair extensions, which will attach with one of the Bratz’ signature star clips. Much like Featherageous, it appears the extensions can also be removed from their clips, and braided into the dolls’ hair, which you can see on Sasha and Yasmin in the above promo shot. Also included are stick-on crystals, and what look to be tinsel extensions.Also in the style of Featherageous, the dolls appear to have floor-length saran hair as well, which is always a plus! All four dolls are dressed in very cute, shimmery party dresses, covered in sequins and flowers. Earlier this month, the Bratz facebook page¬†shared a close-up of the girls’ dresses and everything looks super detailed! Also worth noting is the return of glittery eyeshadow to the Bratz’ faces. If you click the image above, you’ll see the full-sized photo for a more detailed view. Can’t wait!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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