Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we’re taking a small break from our usual up-to-the-minute Bratz & Bratzillaz reports to spread the word about one of MGA’s totally cosmic new lines – the Novi Stars! Novi Stars is a line based around a group of quirky teen aliens and their adventures on Earth (Think Bratz goes ET!). Our own Alex received two of the adorable martians, Mae Tallick the robot, and Una Verse the glittery glamour girl, the other day and has done a review of them on YouTube! Check it out 😀

Adrianne also picked up the other two dolls, and you can see them in her video here:

These girls are out of this world and make an awesome addition to the MGA family. They’re all in stores now, so keep an eye out and do some alien hunting! And then let us know what you think on our Novi Stars thread in the forum!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

In response to the huge demand for Bratzillaz.com to launch, MGA has put up a video page on the website while they finish up the final site! On the website, you won’t find much for now, but there’s an exciting Bratzillaz product demo which features all five dolls, their pets, and (drumroll!) their earliest prototypes! It’s definitely an interesting thing to see, so check it out at Bratzillaz.com!