Hey Bratz Fans!

Sorry to post again just minutes after our last article, but we are proud to announce that we are the FIRST to share photos of the new Bratz Pink Winter Dream dolls’ prototypes, and a photo of Cloe in her box! Check our last post for photos of the dolls as they appear on shelves. 🙂

On the left are the three prototypes, and on the right is Cloe all wrapped up in her box! (Click photo for detailed view)

As you can all see, Cloe and Meygan thankfully don’t differ too greatly from prototype to production, but Yasmin is a whole other story! Her prototype sports a face very similar to the “Wild Life Safari” screening that MGA used on her a lot in 2009 (Spring Break Yasmin, Wild Life Yasmin, etc.) and she actually has an entirely new shoe mold as well! This line must be the sequel to Platinum Shimmerz, as a prototype from that line featured a still-unreleased boot mold too. We think the boots used on her prototype are simply amazing, and we hope MGA will incorporate it into another release somehow – it’s too detailed to go unused!

And Cloe’s box confirms that this fall’s lines will all have packaging in the style of this spring’s Funk ‘n Glow/3D Dance ‘n Glo line, with a box made almost entirely of colored cellophane, no interesting logos, and no artwork. This isn’t something that we’d like to see become a trend, so hopefully MGA will understand our concern and revert back to their older, more innovative designs next year. 🙂

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

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