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Normally, we try to avoid posting articles about prototypes, as we don’t really feel they qualify as news (unless they’re protos for something that hasn’t come out yet ;D), but these are just too cool not to share! We’ve got photos of some AWESOME prototypes for the Bratz Totally Tattoo’d line (clearly from when it was still called “Biker Babez”), and some interesting shots of Crystalicious protos as well! Check ’em out below.

Bratz Biker Babez! L-R: Cloe, Jade, Meygan, Yasmin, and Sasha! Click to view full-size

W O W! Are they hot or what? We’re really happy to see that the fashions didn’t change much other than a few rips here and there and some losses of fabric. Something we wish hadn’t changed at all though is that hair! We love the choppy, colorful chunks that the girlz are rockin’ here. It’s definitely something we don’t see everyday from the Bratz! Those helmets would have been majorly cute accessories too, but with the name change, it makes sense that we’d lose those too. Either way, we’re loving our final Totally Tattoo’d dolls just as much!

Bratz Crystalicious! L-R: Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin! Click to view full-size

And next up is this odd prototype shot for Crystalicious! The fashions are literally exactly like the released dolls’, but the hair and faces are totally different! These prototypes look to have modified versions of some of last year’s faces. Cloe appears to have her Slumber Party face, with reshaped lips and added lashes. Jade actually looks to have a whole new face (and some really GORGEOUS curly brown hair!) , and Yasmin’s appears to be her 2010 Basic face, with the same modifications as Cloe’s. Also worth noting is that funky tinsel extension in Cloe’s hair. The final extension definitely didn’t come out like that (thankfully ;P)

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