Hey Bratz Fans!

After a little browsing on taobao, we spotted one Switch-A-Witch doll from the previous article in boxed form!

One of three variants

One of three variants (click for full size)

From the looks of it, this wave of Switch-A-Witch dolls is pretty different than the first, because it just includes one set of all basic body parts and one set of fashions. It seems the actual “switching” would occur once multiple dolls have been bought, allowing for multiple interchangeable pieces. We like this idea because it’s obviously going to be much more affordable than the 45 piece set, and is a great option for fans that simply want the thrill of being able to assemble their own doll! It has us wondering though, how will fans react to basically purchasing a disassembled doll? It’s pretty different from Monster High’s idea of having booster packs, because those didn’t include torsos. They were there to add-on to the original larger packages. But with this wave 2 of Switch-A-Witch, you’ve got it all in one package. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment, visit the boards, or tell us on Facebook!

Back of the box

Back of the box (click for full size)

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