Hey Bratz Fans!

Remember that super-stylin’ glitzy gold piece we reported on the other day? Well we’ve asked one of our friends at MGA about it, and while it is not for In The Wild as we had guessed, it is most definitely for one of next spring’s lines! Okay guys, let the speculation start…now! We’re totally thinking something super-glam like Totally Polished now 😉

Our friend has also informed us that all of the Boutique dolls have been updated with new QR codes to unlock exclusive content in the Bratz: Fashion Boutique videogame for Nintendo 3DS & DS! You can also find new codes on the Bratz Chic Mystique and Style Starz lines too. But that’s not the biggest news! Next spring’s lines will feature QR codes that unlock all-new activities and features! In the past, the codes have lead to MGA’s official demo videos, but now we’re getting actual activities! So stoked, cannot wait!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard