Hey Bratz Fans!

So even if Bratz news is on a bit of a low, doesn’t mean we have to put our articles on hold (; As you all must know, many of our website’s awesome readers and forum members are headed back to school (if they haven’t already started). So let’s have a little Bratz throwback to the epic school-themed lines that have been released through the years. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some new ideas for some back to school outfits!

Taken straight from our very own wiki, the Back to School/Class girls are totally rocking those fall looks! In our opinion, Cloe’s outfit is still the most current and “in” fashion for this coming school year. The plaid skirt and class shirt never go out of style! Not to mention, long straight two-toned hair! How can you go wrong with that?

Speaking of “Bratz Class”, do you remember the exclusive UK versions? Like we said, plaid skirts are always in, and these girls definitely prove that! All of them but Kumi are wearing one! Also, all the girls are rockin’ some graphic tees which is so back to school chic!

Lastly, there’s this simple but super cute Italian exclusive of Bratz called “High School” where the girls rock (you guessed it) plaid skirts and graphic tees! Are you spotting a trend here…?

Although, if we had to pick our coolest back to school Bratz outfits, it wouldn’t be one of these dolls at all! Our vote for the most current back to school style for this fall would be Trend It!

Wouldn’t you agree? The outfits are simple enough for school, but enough to make a statement to all your fellow classmates!

That’s all for now, Bratz fans. Have a stylin school year filled with stylin fashions!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard