Hey Bratz Fans!

Our girlz are takin’ over the internet! Their latest site of choice? Wooz World! Wooz World is a virtual community where you can create a custom avatar and explore, making friends and earning cool stuff along the way! The Bratz have unleashed their passion on the people of WW, and you can check out a shot of the new Bratz section below!

The Bratz have unleashed their passion on Wooz World! Click to view full-size.

The Bratz have unleashed their passion on Wooz World! Click to view full-size.

Admittedly, we aren’t too familiar with Wooz World or how exactly it works, but signing up is totally on our to-do lists now! We’re lovin’ all the #realbratz style in this city scene. From the Bratz packaging designs, to the “Unleash Your Passion” and “Stylin’ in the City” signs, and especially the CUTE Bratz In the Wild Jade mannequin, this city is all the funk! And speaking of that mannequin, members can receive Jade’s entire head-to-toe look for their avatars as a free gift by clicking on the gift box next to Kool Kat’s mannequin!

So what are your thoughts on the Bratz “woo”ing the members of Wooz World? This reminds us a lot of when the Bratz took over Wee World back in 2007 to promote their live-action film! Let us hear your thoughts on the exciting new promo on our facebook or our twitter! New members can sign up now at WoozWorld.com!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

3/12/13 UPDATE!!

WOW, Bratz fans!! Our girlz’ Wooz World takeover is even bigger than we thought! In addition to the amazing Bratz-themed mall and unlockable Jade look, you can now get fashions from Xpress it! and In the Wild Cloe, plus Bratz petz, Bratz furniture, Bratz wall art, and even Bratz cut-outs to display in your virtual room! It’s all available in the Bratz store at WoozWorld.com! Check out a pic below 🙂

We SO wish we could get some of this stuff for our real rooms! Click to view full-size.

We SO wish we could get some of this stuff for our real rooms! Click to view full-size.

Hey Bratz Fans!

Alex and Adrianne here! Allow us to be the first to welcome you all to Bratz Boulevard, your new #1 destination for all things Bratz! For the past six months, we’ve been working around the clock to make this website the best we can, and we hope you all love it!

Here on the blog, we’ll be featuring the latest news on everything Bratz, like new line sightings, rumors, and even exclusive dirt straight from MGA! We’ll also be posting Bratz entertainment and humor that’s sure to keep everyone in stitches!

Bratz Boulevard also boasts an extensive and well-organized Bratz Wiki page, the only of its kind featuring clear photos of each product, variants, as well as trivia! While the wiki is currently under construction, rest assured that we will be filling in the gaps, as well as expanding the page, as time goes on.

Another fun feature is our forum. There, Bratz fans can get to know each other and discuss anything and everything, be it Bratz-related or otherwise. We both will serve as the forum’s moderators, and will post regularly as well, so look out for us!

And following in the footsteps of the popular Bratz Next Top Model contests on flickr and YouTube, including Adrianne’s own Bratz Next Top Model Anonymous, we will be holding our very own Bratz Boulevard’s Next Top Model contest! Casting will begin soon, and we hope to begin the contest closer to this summer. We plan on featuring fun guest judges, exciting themes, and fabulous prizes, so get your girls all dolled up and bring your A-Game!

Thank you for being one of our first visitors, and stick with us ‘cuz we’ve got big things coming up!

We both hope you love our website! Stay tuned & stay stylin’!

Alex (alexbabs12345) and Adrianne (berrybread)