Hey Bratz & Novi Stars Fans!

Sorry for not posting in a little bit – there just hasn’t been much news for Bratz or Bratzillaz recently! But another MGA doll brand, Novi Stars, has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the community after a rumor that they would be cancelled next year hit the net. While there’s been plenty of speculation about their cancellation, we wanted to get the full scoop, so we asked one of our great friends on the Novi Stars team about it!

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It was confirmed that at the moment, there definitely will not be any new Novi Stars products for spring 2014, but that the fall 2013 line is still going to store shelves (Many of the new dolls have actually been out for a little while now!) and it was also made clear to us that Novi as a whole is not “cancelled” or “discontinued” just yet, and that if sales pick up dramatically this fall, it’s VERY likely that we’ll see more from them in the future! Our cosmic pal also added  that “Things change from week to week or even day to day [at MGA]. Hardly anything is ever set in stone.” and reminded us that “It’s all about sales numbers. If people don’t buy, stores don’t order new product. They won’t take a risk on something with a small interest group”

So that’s the official word on Novi Stars at the moment! If you’re after anything from the new fall lines, we would definitely recommend grabbing them while you can, and be sure to spread the word to all the Novi fans you know. If sales go up a lot, the brand can easily be saved! We know there are a lot of older collectors who like the Novi Stars, so we did suggest to our friend on Team Novi that they could possibly rebrand as something more geared towards an older audience with lower production, and that idea has been forwarded to the head of the Novis. Keep your fingers (and antennae) crossed!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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8/20/13 UPDATE!!!

Not only is the Novi Stars brand NOT discontinued just yet, but MGA is actually in the process of bringing them to more international markets! They’re hoping to achieve a similar success as the Moxie Girlz, which according to MGA sell “really well internationally and just okay in the US.” Let’s hope the Novis really blast off overseas! 🙂

UPDATE #2!!!

Our great friend Maurice has made a petition to keep the Novi Stars alive! Even though we now know that the brand isn’t discontinued, a petition could be great positive reinforcement in addition to a spike in sales! Sign it here 🙂