Hey Bratz Fans!

Yet another big update today, this time on the Bratz Style Starz line! We now have the final promo photos of Style Starz Sasha!

Style Starz Sasha! On the left is her first wig, and on the right is her second. As always, click to view in full!

OMG! She’s totally stunning! We are so happy to see that her dress is still very detailed, like her artwork and prototype – we ADORE the candy on the front! She has ditched her leggings, but in our opinions, she looks much better without them! Her shoes are the Chic Mystique mold, but they look to be in a a new color that looks fantastic on her. And while we knew her first wig would be blue, we’re just now seeing that her second one is a very cute “cotton candy” shade of pink! Both look stunning, and of course very Katy Perry-inspired. Also worth noting is that while the other girls all include sunglasses, Sasha’s headwear accessory is a cute, metallic pink headband with a bow on it!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!

Bratz Boulevard