Hey Bratz Fans!

****6/23/14 UPDATE!****
We have received confirmation from MGA that our theory was in fact correct! The “Bratz Classicz” title is NOT just a one-off release, but will actually be an umbrella title used to cover all existing Bratz media – The movies & TV episodes! Hooray!

As we’re sure you all remember, a few months back, the Bratz took to their official facebook to ask the fans what they would like to be the title of an upcoming Bratz TV series box set! Of course, everybody was jumping for joy – this would mark the first ever box set of the Bratz TV series to ever be released in the US, and was a definite major step in the right direction for the Bratz’ marketing! Now, a little bit later, a new Bratz DVD box set has popped up at Walmart stores very unexpectedly, using the winning title: “Bratz Classicz”! However it is not at all what anyone was expecting… Check out the cover below, found and shared on instagram by the amazing littlemissnoname!

Bratz Classicz 6 Movie Collection! Click to view full size.

Bratz Classicz 6 Movie Collection! Click to view full size.

Hm… Unless this is the first in a series of DVDs under the title, we’re honestly disappointed! The Bratz have already released box sets of their movies – and ones that made more sense at that (Bratz Go To Paris is included, but not Rock Angelz…?). And that aside, the packaging looks a little random and not nearly as iconic or retrospective as many fans were hoping based on the title. The stars and gradient backgrounds are borrowed from 2010’s branding, while the “art” is from the Passion 4 Fashion Diamondz DVD cover, and the logo and impact font are all from last year! We’re seriously hoping this is just one release in an upcoming series of “Bratz Classicz”, perhaps as a one-off release just for Walmart (Note that it’s an exclusive, and the surprisingly low price for a box set). You can trust that we’ll be asking our peeps at MGA for the full story! So…

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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