Hey Bratz Fans!

This must be Bratzillaz week, because we’re getting updates like crazy! So far we’ve shared information on previously-unannounced products, photos of finished dolls, fashions, pets, and more, and today the update parade continues with some nice, clear and correctly-colored photos of the Bratzillaz prototypes! These all come from a print ad running in select Toy Industry magazines throughout the United Kingdom. They’re super clear and reveal several details that the last prototype photo did not!

The full ad for Bratzillaz, now running in select industry mags throughout the UK 🙂

Of course we’ll have to start by addressing Sashabella Paws, as she’s the only doll we hadn’t seen anything of other than art until now! While, we are keeping in mind that what we are looking at is a prototype, we can’t help but squee – she’s flawless! We absolutely adore her pink and green color scheme, and the fact that she’s rockin’ some reptilian skins definitely ties into the fan predictions that line would have something to do with lizards. She looks funky & fierce with her fur too, and we hope that her boots change to the furry ones pictured in her art!

Sashabella Paws! Peep her exotic skins 😉

Another highlight of the bunch is Meygana Broomstix! While we have seen her final doll by now, we still appreciate her gorgeous prototype. We must admit, we so wish she had kept the pleats in her skirt! But other than that, her finished doll really isn’t too different from what we’re seeing here, which is a good sign for the two dolls whose finished products we haven’t seen yet! Her top appears to have been switched to a different pattern, but still looks as though it may be snakeskin in production. It’s really interesting to see that she has actually had this natural skintone all along, rather than the pinker tone everybody thought she had from the badly-colored photo we were going by before. Also worth noting is that her goggles were never actually goggles to begin with – just a mask made from fabric rather than plastic! All in all, we’re both psyched to add this bewitching beauty to our collections.

Jade J’Adore is another ‘zilla that everyone’s excited for! She’s also another who we have seen finished, and we’re very pleased to see that she’s almost identical to her prototype! As a matter of fact, the only differences are that the final doll has a brand new shoe mold, brand new earring mold, a new hat (though we will miss those feathers!), the school’s crest was added to her cape, and the materials on her purse have changed. Seeing how closely she resembles her prototype, she’s already cast her love spell on us! 😉

Meygana Broomstix and Jade J’Adore. Love their details!

Next of course is Cloetta Spelletta, a wicked witch with split personalities – and two looks to match! Her whole look is certainly one of the more interesting, as she is literally split down the middle! One side features her in an edgy black and silver number, with  a puffy sleeve, bold black streaks in her hair, darker lipstick, and a piercing blue eye! The other shows off her sweeter side, in an all-pink ensemble, with reddish pink lips and a beautiful brown eye. Cloetta is one who we’re still yet to see in her final stage, but we’re hoping she stays pretty close to what we see here.

And speaking of “seeing”, Yasmina Clairvoya could already sense she would be next, what with her all-seeing-eye mask and “special vision”. 😉 Yasmina is one whose final doll has been seen, and we can see that while her look is generally the same, many details have been changed. For instance, while her prototype sports plain cargo pants, the finished product will be steppin’ out in glamorous gold pants. As is true for all five dolls, she’s been given a new shoe mold as well, and her witch hat has been changed as well – and for the better! While her prototype’s hat was simply a purple hat, her final doll appears to have one molded out of her braids! The design of her top has changed somewhat too. Before, she had on a plain purple tube top with a corset-like ribbon design on the front, along with a (big surprise) lizard skin bolero, and now she’s got a similar top only the lizard skin has fused with it to create a much more interesting piece! The material on her cape is different as well, but that’s no biggie. Regardless, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this Wicked Princess!

Cloetta Spelletta and Yasmina Clairvoya! Why aren’t we surprised to see these two together? 😉

So while some have changed more than others from prototype to production, MGA’s been much better about staying true with these than they have in the past, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that the same can be said for the Bratz! Keep checkin’ back for more exciting updates on the Bratzillaz, and other Bratz products!

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Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

MGA has officially started promoting the Bratzillaz today, launching their US facebook page! Check out their new slogan; “Where Magic Meets Glam”, and that new artwork too with all five core girls!

New artwork! We think from L-R, it’s: Cloetta Spelletta, Sashabella Paws, Jade J’Adore, Yasmina Clairvoya, and Meygana Broomstix!

Speaking of the artwork, what are everyone’s thoughts on their hair? The first artwork we saw from Toy Fair looked very similar to the art on the page, but then when photos of the dolls leaked, their hair was very different! Now, the final artwork is featuring their Toy Fair hairstyles again. Intriguing for sure! We’ll keep everyone posted with updates, but for now, go “Like” the Bratzillaz on facebook at facebook.com/Bratzillaz!

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Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s that time of the year again – time for all of this fall’s Bratz releases to start leaking out! We’ve seen Strut it!, 4/5 of the Bratzillaz, Chic Mystique, Boutique, and now in stunning high resolution, Crystalicious! A promo photo, presumably the one to be used on the back of Crystalicious Cloe’s box (judging by the background edited to match her outfit, as well as the emphasis placed on her name and her doll), was leaked today on a Russian Bratz website, and brought to our attention by our awesome friend, Anya S! We’ll have more information on the photo’s source soon, but for now – let’s gush!

L-R: Sasha, Jade, Cloe, and Yasmin!

As you  know from our previous report on the fall 2012 Bratz lines, Crystalicious is one of two hairplay lines for fall. The main feature appears to be “crystal” hair extensions, which will attach with one of the Bratz’ signature star clips. Much like Featherageous, it appears the extensions can also be removed from their clips, and braided into the dolls’ hair, which you can see on Sasha and Yasmin in the above promo shot. Also included are stick-on crystals, and what look to be tinsel extensions.Also in the style of Featherageous, the dolls appear to have floor-length saran hair as well, which is always a plus! All four dolls are dressed in very cute, shimmery party dresses, covered in sequins and flowers. Earlier this month, the Bratz facebook page shared a close-up of the girls’ dresses and everything looks super detailed! Also worth noting is the return of glittery eyeshadow to the Bratz’ faces. If you click the image above, you’ll see the full-sized photo for a more detailed view. Can’t wait!

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Bratz Boulevard

Hey Bratz fans!

Everyone’s super psyched for this fall’s Bratz lines to hit shelves this summer, and with good reason – what we’ve seen so far is H-O-T, hot! But in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the low-down on what to expect from the Bratz this fall.

One of the first lines you can expect is called Miss IndepenDance. Hot on the heels of this spring’s seasonal line, Heart Breakerz, comes this fierce and festive Fourth of July line, which will feature the core four girls in red, white, and blue fashions and hair streaks with matching hair extensions for you! It seems like MGA’s getting in the habit of making sizzlin’ seasonal lines out of older limited editions, which is fine by us – We’ve got our fingers crossed for a New Year’s line, MGA! 😉 No photos at this time, but we’re expecting some soon…

And the basic line for this fall will be Strut it! It will feature the core four girls, as well as the return of fan-favorite, Fianna! The new artwork posted on Bratz.com is for this line, and we’re happy to report that so far, the dolls look pretty close to their art! At the moment , we have prototype shots for Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade, plus a final promo for Yasmin. We love how each girl’s personality is clearly represented in their outfits, while staying on-trend at the same time. Strut it! indeed 😉

L-R: Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha. Jade and Yasmin will be very different from their prototypes, but Cloe and Sasha should be pretty close!

Here’s the final promo shot for Strut it! Yasmin. This is what the doll will look like on store shelves 🙂

What is expected to be one of the hottest and most scandalously stylin’ lines this fall is Biker Babez. While not many specifics are known about this line as of yet, toy fair reports say the line will feature the Bratz (Though which Bratz are included is unknown, one would assume the core four are included – We’d love to see the Bratz Pack’s resident bad boy Cade too!) in hot leather fashions and (get ready for this one) tattoos! Each doll will also include a tattoo sleeve for you so can join the Bratz in their speed-demon fun! No photos at this time though.

One of the bigger lines for this fall is called Bratz Boutique. As the title suggests, the theme of the line is shopping! Surprisingly, this is actually the very first shopping line that the Bratz have ever had! This line includes the core four – each dressed to impress in cool casual fashions that show off each girl’s unique style and attitude, along with a fully-stocked store full of shopping accessories! As to be expected, additional outfits are included in each girl’s shop, and third fashions may be included as well, though it is unclear at the moment. Regardless, this line is definitely one to watch for!

L-R: Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha. Ignore the “Sasha not included” text, that’s just a distribution thing! Keep in mind that these are prototypes too 😉

Another biggie for this fall is a hairplay line called Style Starz. This line is special because for the first time ever, the Bratz will be rockin’ interchangeable wigs! While no full photos have been released as of yet, toy fair reports say the line’s general look is “very Lady GaGa”, which is great in our book!

And on the topic of hairplay lines, Crystalicious will be following the example set by Featherageous with a quirky name and floor-length saran hair! This line will feature the core four in chic and shimmery party dresses adorned with sparkly flowers and ruffles. The hairplay gimmick is that each doll includes fun crystals to add to your dolls’ hair – and your’s too!

Here’s the group promo for Crystalicious (L-R: Sasha, Cloe, Jade, and Yasmin) as well as three individual photos of Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade!

Another trademark for the Bratz are their sleepwear lines, and this fall we’ll see a new line called Satin Sleepover. At the moment, literally nothing is known of this line other than its name, but based on that, we’re expecting something along the lines of a Nighty-Nite 3.0! If that truly is the case, then we’re beyond excited!

One of the more extensive lines for this fall is called Chic Mystique. Like last year’s Masquerade line, this will be a costume party-themed line, only way more over the top! This line stars the core four in stunning ball gowns and masks – with a twist! At the pull of a lever, their gowns lift up to reveal gorgeous wings and a funky party outfit! Also worth noting is the absolutely brilliant new shoe mold this line debuts, as well as the return of wild hair colors for the Bratz. According to Toy Fair photos, this line will also have an accompanying line of Funky Fashion Makeover styling heads.

This is the group promo for the Chic Mystique, L-R: Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin!

Also upcoming from the Bratz is a new spin-off line called Bratzillaz. The Bratzillaz are a group of teenaged witches whose pets each possess a special power unique to them! This line is going to be a major brand for MGA this fall, with a line of dolls, sold-separately pets, fashion packs, accessory packs, and even a web series! So far we have the names of two of the Bratzillaz girls – Cloetta and Sashabella. These names have us wondering if the line will tie into the main Bratz plot somehow…? Time will tell!

These are the four Bratzillaz dolls. We’re not sure who is who at the moment, but they’re all super cute!

Here’s a shot of the Bratzillaz display at Australia’s Toy Fair this past February! Photo taken by Timmy AKA Araparap

Well Bratz fans, that’s the scoop for now! Keep checkin’ back for more!

Stay tuned & stay stylin’!

Alex and Adrianne