Hey Bratz Fans!

We must give a wicked HUUUGE thank you to our awesome friend (and most recent BBNTM guest judge) Justin, as he’s found the NEW Bratzillaz Midnight Beach dolls at his own Walmart in the state of New York, and was kind enough to take photos of them just for us! Check ’em out below

The five “cour witches” in the Bratzillaz gang on the shelves! Thanks to Justin for the exclusive pic (and fab watermark!) Click to view full-size

Above you can see five Yasmina, Cloetta, Sashabella, Jade, and Meygana from the line on the shelf at Walmart. New girl Fianna looks to be shipped separately, and may be from a different line all together! Keep in mind she’s got a pet and profile to present as well 😉

A nice full view of Midnight Beach Sashabella Paws! Click to view full-size

Justin was also nice enough to take this wicked close-up of Sashabella (his fave!) for us as well. We adore all the cute detailing in her swimsuit! It’s very tribal, which rocks!

So how are you all feeling about this new line now that we’ve all gotten a better look at it? Let us know on facebook, twitter, or on the forum at BratzBoulevard.com!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard