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Even though we just barely made the announcement of this brand a few hours ago, we’ve already got an update! Target.com actually has quite a few products listed that are not as easy to get to! Looks like MGA has some big plans for this brand during the spring. Fashion packs, multipacks, a styling head, and more! Check it all out below 🙂

Vi-and-Va Core Dolls

L-R: Roxxi, Valentina, Viviana, and Felicia! Click to view full size

L-R: Roxxi, Valentina, Viviana, and Felicia! Click to view HUGE full size

Listings (With more photos!) for: GroupRoxxi, Valentina, Viviana, and Felicia

Roxxi: “Roxxi™ can be a bit of a klutz, but put on some music and she will suddenly become elegant and graceful with all kinds of dance moves, from ballet to hip-hop to salsa.

Roxxi™ is wearing her dancing shoes and outfit, ready to bust a move at any family gathering, sharing her talents as La Bailarina (The Dancer). Roxxi™ doll comes with her very own boom box radio to play her dancing tunes and a dance magazine, too!”

Valentina: ‘”I’m Valentina but everyone calls me Va.” Va is so neat and organized. She loves learning to cook from her mother and grandmothers. She’s already perfected some seriously awesome, savory family recipes, like empanadas.

Va is dressed perfectly for playing hostess with her festive dress, serving up delicious family favorites. Va comes with a tray of homemade empanadas and a recipe book of her grandmother’s famous cultural recipes to help show her talents as La Chef (The Cook).”

Viviana: ‘”I’m Viviana but everyone calls me Vi.” Vi is spontaneous and easy going. She’s passionate about sharing her love of music, and she’s always ready to break out her guitar at family gatherings.

Vi is wearing a comfy, laid back outfit that shows her musical style, ready to perform! Vi is always in-tune with her funky blue guitar and music sheets to help showcase her talents as La Cantante (The Singer).”

Felicia: “Felicia™ sometimes finds it hard to focus, but then, out of nowhere, she’ll have a creative explosion and come up with a genius idea for her next artistic masterpiece.

Felicia™ is dressed for creativity in a stylish jacket and colorful leggings. Felicia™ doll comes with a paint box, paint tray, and brush will help her create her next colorful canvas as La Artista (The Artist).”

A Deluxe Activity line, featuring only the title characters, “Vi and Va”, is also on the way. Check ’em out below.

L-R: Viviana and Valentina. Click to view HUGE full size!

L-R: Viviana and Valentina. Click to view HUGE full size!

Listings for Viviana (Fashion Designer) and Valentina (Hair Stylist)

Viviana: “Vi loves creating art, even if it’s on her own clothes! Help Vi create a wearable masterpiece with an outfit you can design over and over again! Color it with a marker and stamp roller, or add stylish stickers. Now you can become Vi’s fashion designer! It’s so easy!

You can decorate Vi’s white tunic with 2 easy-to-use stamp rollers and an inkpad. Use the marker and stickers to add extra festive fun to her outfit! It’s so easy to do again and again if you just wash with soap and warm water to remove the design to start all over! Includes 10+ pieces”

Valentina: “Va loves to entertain, and changing her hairstyle helps her get into the festive mood. Whether it’s using colored chalk, styling with beautiful ribbons and flowers, or brushing her hair for a silky shine, she always finds new ways to shine as a Hair Stylist. Style and accessorize Va’s hair and yours too, so that you both always look ready to join in any family celebration. It’s so easy!

Just thread floral ribbons and clip in Va’s hair and add colored hair chalk for more festive fun! When you are done, just wash with soap and warm water to remove the hair chalk to do it again and again. You can do this on your own hair, too! Includes 10+ pieces!”

Also in store for everyone is a Vi-and-Va 2-Pack, which features the sisters celebrating their Sweet 16 and Quinceañera. We think it’s a really cute idea and a fun way to blend American and Latin-American cultures!

Vi-and-Va Birthday Celebration

Click to view HUGE full size!

Listing for Vi-and-Va Birthday Celebration!

“Big sister, Vi, comes with her very own silver tiara, a gift box, and a purse, and little sister, Va, is wearing a gold tiara, a fur shrug, floral corsage, and purse. Both girls come with invitations to their sweet 15 and sweet 16 birthday party… and guess what!?! They are inviting you to come join in the family celebration!

Coordinates with the Vi-and-Va Styling Head and Role Play Dress up (sold separately)”

And on the topic of the styling head, that is also something coming out!

Click to view HUGE full size

Click to view HUGE full size

Listing for Styling Head

“It’s Viviana’s™ sweet 16 and Valentina’s™ sweet 15 sister celebration birthday party and you’re invited! Join the celebration with their friends and family.

Now you can help Vi look party-perfect with sparkly gemstone earrings, a silver tiara, and you can style her hair with the bun tool and brush. Design her hair style (and yours to match!) in so many ways from a braid to a pony tail to a fun party up-do! You can get party ready too when you share her tiara and clip-on earrings! But her look isn’t complete until the amazing transformation of Vi’s make-up magically changes color with water, too!

Coordinates with the Vi-and-Va Birthday Celebration dolls (sold separately)”

To see everything on Target.com in one go, click here!

So, now that we’ve got the bios for each character, as well as a look at what we can expect for the brand, what are your thoughts? Are Vi-and-Va your cup of tea? Let us know on facebook, twitter, or tumblr!

Also check out our most recent article on this line for even more info!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s been a LONG time since we last updated, but finally there is news to share! Today one of our Canadian bestiez, Nik, found the all-new Bratz Action Heroez Roxxi & Phoebe dolls at Toys R Us! He snapped two shots of Phoebe for us, and bought her, so check out his flickr for pix later on!


Phoebe2So great to finally have some closeup shots of her gorgeous face IRL!! We love the neon mint lining her eyes!! Hopefully someone will get Roxxi soon and share photos of her too!

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9/27 UPDATE!

Our pal Nik has pulled through once again and got us photos of Roxxi as well! As always, click the photos to make them larger!


nik roxxi2How SUPER gorgeous is she?! We’re totally loving all the colors in both of the twiins’ faces!! It’s so great to have them back 🙂 A huge thanks to Nik for the photos, and again, be sure to check out his flickr!

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today is a great day for Bratz fans, first all those amazing prototypes we spotted and now THIS stellar find on taobao from our pal CheeChee! Looks like we’re getting a new Bratz Special Edition line with Cloe and Yasmin for fall!

LOVING this couture! Click to view full-size

LOVING this couture! Click to view full-size

How stunning do these look?! Finally a step towards collectors edition Bratz! Yasmin’s dress looks gorgeous and very detailed, and it actually reminds us a bit of Holiday Katia’s, but in pink! Cloe in the back really steals the spotlight for us though – she looks SO amazing in red! We can’t wait to see how she looks IRL. We’re loving the box design and the inclusion of stands too!

Thanks for sharing these with us, CheeChee!

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Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we’ve got a pretty cool update on this year’s Bratz Holiday line! Our friend (And BBNTM contestant) Jason uploaded a group photo of the Holiday dolls that featured not only Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade, but Sasha as well! Check out Jason’s flickr here 🙂

Bratz Holiday 2012! L-R: Sasha, Cloe, Yasmin, and Jade! Click to view in full size.

WOW! How stunning is Sasha?! You’ll notice that Funk ‘n Glow Holiday Yasmin borrowed her dress, but in our opinions – Bunny Boo rocks it so much better! And her hair is simply amazing. We love it when Sasha has more textured hair, and the highlights make her look even better! Sasha is definitely making the top of our Christmas lists! How about all of you? Share your thoughts over at the forum!

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