Send Us Your Questions For Youngsin Kwon!

January 20, 2015

Hey Bratz Fans!

Just over a week ago, we unveiled some amazing Bratz designs by Youngsin Kwon from that mysterious era in 2009 when the girlz’ fate was still in legal limbo. Seeing some of those sketches and prototypes gave us all an awesome look at what almost was, as well as a behind-the-scenes-peek at some of the released dolls in their earliest forms! Being as nosy curious as we are, we just had to try and reach out to the designer herself, and to our delight, she got back to us! Since her time with the Bratz, Youngsin has totally kept herself busy as a successful designer at huge places like A&F, Disney Korea, Sanrio, and is currently designing for Korea’s largest toy company, Young Toys! And despite her understandably packed schedule, Miss Kwon has agreed to let us interview her, and we want you to help us!

BB Youngsin Interview

Keep in mind how totally monumental this is! Before now, we’d probably never learn anything more about what MGA had planned for the Bratz in fall 2009, and certainly not into 2010, but now we’ve got direct access to the woman who designed it all! This is also a great opportunity to learn more about what it takes to become a fashion designer, as well as the process of designing for Bratz, and dolls in general! Aren’t you psyched?! 😀

You can comment your questions below, or submit them on facebook, twitter, tumblr, and flickr too!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

18 Responses to “Send Us Your Questions For Youngsin Kwon!”

  1. Sa-fire42 Says:

    Hi Sa-fire here! My questions are. What’s the best types of designs you like to work on eg causal, fanersty and why?
    Have you ever done your character designs? Eg You thought of a story line and did some awesome character designs for your own idea. If so when did you start and what’s your favourite idea/thing you like to work on?
    Sa-fire42 (also sorry for more than one questions I hope the group is ok with that!)

  2. Darien .B Says:

    What happened to the hair.that’s one of my major questions. The bratz hair was envious to all other dolls until 2008-now.and also the quality of the clothing.I know it may be a bit off topic. But I know that the designer may know some of it.the hair now was just HUGE!! Let down.n clothing. Just what happened to out details and separate pieces 😞?

    • Sa-fire42 Says:

      Mattel brought the bratz down in 2008 and Mattel said to MGA change your clothes, lips ,eyes and hair! (Mattel had a law suit against them)
      Monster high was design in 2007 and bratz were banned by Mattel in 2008 then Mattel told them to change and in 2010 bratz had a comeback but monster high was release at the same year! So the Mattel bratz-like monster were selling! (Looks like they wanted the doll popularly badly)!
      So the original bratz the only girls with a passion for fashion are having a 2015 come back to be the old bratz again! (Like the ones your talking about) I hope that answers your question!

      • Darein B. Says:

        Thanks so much that answered it.I’m just really devastated.I hope the 2015 bratz hair is beyond.like even better then before I hope MGA payed CLOSE detail to the hair.What’s the point of having an amazing doll and fashions without the hair to match

    • Sa-fire42 Says:

      For some reason it is only letting me reply to your other comment but any way! I agree with the hair!!!!! Now I really want to send some bratz designs! Knowing MGA E once they get there act together then they will be awesome again! I’m going to buy 2 of each doll/ character /figure so I can keep one in the box and one out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the easy places to get the old bratz (in Australia at lease) op-shopping aka thrift shopping! I have found bratz treasurez Sasha midnight dance Megan’s mask ,a Tokyo-a-go-go suit case bratz princess Roxxi (but with badly cut hair =[ ) my mum found one Facebook one of those buy and sell pages a bratz rock angelz tour bus (it wasn’t in best condition but it is hard to get any here) so yeah that was the only time (but this was $50 out of my pocket money!)!

      Also get what I scored of this friend of mine (nice old lady who works at one of those shops) saves bratz stuff for me! Anyway my first item I got was guess what bratz on ice ice-skating rink! YAY! OMB it was fun to play with.
      Sorry about the LONG message!
      P.S. I remember another thing Mattel copy off the bratz for Mattel frozen ice-skating doll with the conpect (as in twirling dolls that ice skate) but shoes part of the doll instead of the bratz clip on and off shoes!

      • Darein B. Says:

        It’s fine and your beyond lucky .Lol I can’t find any bratz anywhere

      • Darein B. Says:

        And I agree as far as what you said about the designs.Lol I have drawers and drawers of them.n I feel like MGA should get some younger designers as well.and more males because they take more risks as far as what’s edgy and NOW !.I’m only 17 so someone around that would now alot about fashion as well.it’s always been a life long dream of mine to work at MGA .and even come close to having the privilege of meeting Isaac Latina.I’ve been a life long Bratz super fan since there debut.

      • Darein B. Says:

        I’m sorry sorry for my misspelling.I have a typo .Isaac larian .and know are the ones I misspelled

      • Sa-fire42 Says:

        Wait I’m I that lucky! I agree with the male designers! I don’t like clothes shopping/ fashion trends but I like outfit/ character designs! Also I’ve notice with all of my messages I been typing that fast on my iPod that I keep on missing words!!!! LOL
        For one idea of mine on my old USB I’ve done about (hand drawn as well) 186 pictures (I’m not sure if that is the right number of the top of my head I will look)!
        I still feel like a big kid (LOL) cause for Christmas my family was asking what do I want … I didn’t know until I started looking!(for prez!) I got Lego (star wars ,Lego friends ect) topmodel (no not the tv show) designing booklets ,some anime stuff a Nerf rebelle bow and arrow last of all bratz dolls in the boxes!! (I don’t like getting a lot though cause I’m not greedy at all =[ )
        But they were awesome!! (Yes all three midnight dance doll in the box thank you eBay I think that is where mum got them from!)
        A girl my age normally likes stupid stuff like clothes shopping and say they can’t stop buying clothes well I can’t stop buying dolls and toys (For I have over 260 doll last time I counted. I’m pretty sure I’m close to the 300 mark by now LOL why my pocket money goes so quickly!!!!)
        Again sorry for the long message!

  3. Sa-fire42 Says:

    One more thing this must be American time or a different country time cause at the monument (cause I feel like saying it) it is 10:06pm here!
    If any one finds any 2015 design for bratz PLEASE TELL ME! (15 and still obessed with bratz!!)

  4. Jasmin Johnson Says:

    Hi Sa-fire42! I can’t believe your actually on here! This is momentus! I’m a huge bratz fan and I was so let down by the recent bratz fashion-fails! I mean the clothing quality are terrible, no patters or unique designs are on any of the new fashions just plain stuff that seems a bit too far out there!
    Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE BRATZ but I really wish we can go back to the amazingly shique designs. Now the dolls are taller and the lines are weirder. Since the 2008 flop I had always kept the faith in BRATZ no matter what my friends say, my dream is to work their and to help inspire people like you do.
    So my burning questions are…
    Are you aiding in Any 2015 lines?
    If so what sort of designs do you have in store?
    What was your favorite Bratz line?
    How can I reach you if I can’t think of more stuff right now! Lol!
    Thanks So much!

    • Sa-fire42 Says:

      OMG THIS is awesome! (Sorry about the reply I haven’t been on here for a while) and guess what I found out bratzillaz were created in 2005 and release in 2012 but monster high (by Mattel the maker of barbie) done in 2007 and release in 2010 so every though the bratz coppied but no mh did! So they frame mgae so they idea would be popular and not the bratz! How cruel! Any way yes I started on a bratzillaz redo! To
      1 make it less monster high like and less Harry porter like!
      2 Make then sassy or something cooler
      3 Less girly
      4 Make them like the old bratz and so one!
      I’m also thinking of an Halloween collection based of fashion pixez but with bat wings and midnight dance (or something alone the lines) design with bratz pixez body bratz the movie arms and a normal bratz head. I haven’t had time to send any in (yet) but I also want to do a video game line called arcade fun! With each character in an awesome design
      Jade pacman
      Yasmin minecraft(if they get copyright for all)
      Sasha dance dance revolution
      Cloe street fighter
      And yeah I want a play set where Cody owns the arcade consoles that really work (for your bratz) and all of that stuff cause shopping is one thing (that gets repeated in some doll lines) but teens like games right (cause I DO)!
      I hope I can send in an idea for a ps4 game (like they did with ps2) but with every location from every game every type of outfits and an design system where you can draw your own clothes play as every character not just the four and yeah!
      Any way chat to you later cause I really want to hear from you!
      Sa-fire42!!!! Yay I can’t wait!

    • Sa-fire42 Says:

      Don’t get me wrong I don’t work there but I’m 15 and a huge fan! I hope you read my other reply!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause your awesome questions were answered!
      I can’t wait to here from you!

  5. Hol Says:

    I love Bratz dolls! I can’t wait for their 2015 line! They are my favorite dolls. It feels like a new collection hasn’t been out for a long time.

  6. When are the new bratz coming out?? I’ve been waiting like a year for their re-release -.-

  7. Sa-fire42 Says:

    OH MY BRATZ have a look at this!
    Is this true?
    Bratz 2!!!! (Movie!)

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