Bratz 2014 Announcement!

January 17, 2014

Hey Bratz Fans!

After months and months of waiting (We’ve been sitting on this secret since October 2013!) we are so happy to finally make our much-hyped announcement regarding the Bratz and their plans for 2014!

bratz announcement

We’re sure a lot of you have been very curious, and maybe even worried about the brand lately, and for good reason! No new promo pics, no new art, and above all, no new dolls being spotted on shelves?! We’ve seen quite a bit of speculation from fans, but now we’re thrilled to put all suspicions to rest and officially announce that this is all part of MGA’s next big plan for the Bratz girlz! MGA has decided to dedicate the entire year of 2014 to re-building the Bratz brand, and getting back to what made it such a massive success in the first place! So to do this, the Bratz are going on a hiatus of sorts for the year, all leading up to a MAJOR comeback! To put it plainly, none of the 2014 Bratz dolls will be sold stateside and were not offered to any United States retailers during show room season in October. We know this might be a bit of a bummer for a lot of fans, but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture! MGA is spending an entire year to sit down and develop the Bratz to re-enter the market stronger than ever, with a clear strategy and thought process in order to give the buyers as well as themselves a chance to cleanse their palates of expectations. We can also expect some big, proper promotion for the girlz when they come back too, as MGA is looking for some big PR to back the Bratz! Sounds totally fab to us! Of course, we’re sure some of you are at least a little skeptical, but believe us when we say MGA has been considering this for a while now and totally knows what they’re doing this time around! One of the biggest inspirations behind this choice was the Bratz’ first comeback in 2010. As awesome as it was, there’s no denying that it left some fans wanting more, so this time around MGA is taking all the time they need to develop a truly epic comeback that will blow the fans away! We’re expecting that same buzz and demand from 2010 but with an even more on-point final product! MGA has always and continues to listen very carefully to the fans’ demands and we are super confident in their ability to deliver us the Bratz that we all know & love once again!

So there you all have it, the notorious announcement! We hope it wasn’t a let-down for anyone, and that you’re all just as crazy excited as we are for the Bratz’ return! We aren’t going anywhere, and will as always keep the Bratzies totally up-to-date and in-the-know with any awesome updates we receive!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard”


20 Responses to “Bratz 2014 Announcement!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Dear MGA Entertainment,
    My biggest input to you? STOP CHANGING THE DOLLS BODY SHAPE. It is really making redressing and clothing collecting a pain in the butt. Changing things too much turns off long-term, loyal, collectors. The beautiful, articulated body molds found on the 10th Anniversary Party and Catz dolls will always be my favorite. Use those again pretty please!
    Listen to your die hard fans, ask us what we want and we can help you make it a success. We want Bratz back to their former glory! I want to see what I saw back in 2004-2008, that was such an exciting and inspiring time. Bring back the old character descriptions of the dolls.
    More movies, with new and better graphics, new CD’s, a TV show, get Nick or a big network to sign on, more updates to the website, bring a site like Be-Bratz back, merchandise, we want to see it all!
    Comeback, compete, WIN!!
    Bring us back what we so dearly miss. I know you can do it! I am pushing for you! We all are! 😀
    2015 will be a year to look forward to.

  2. Jose Guzman Says:

    I really 10000000% have to agree with each and every single detail about what the above passage says! This is coming from a VERY die hard fan who has literally been with the Bratz Fad from the absolutely VERY beginning from when they first came out and have spent 1,000’s on these dolls. I really do miss this “former Glory” from around the 2004-2008 even earlier than that! I have almost every major line from the bratz from beginning to end. Your loyal fan…

  3. Jose Guzman Says:

    And where in the world are alllll the Sasha’s!??

  4. nicki minaj Says:

    Hey Iam a lovely fan . but i have a question i am coming from the netherlands . can you do sasha’s in the NL , cause i love the sasha’s and we haven’t that ones yet in the whole NL please listen to your fans and what thes say is right . you have to listen and i know that its cool withe passions . but please MGA E. listen to them and me with the sasha’s . thank you for listen of you read this… 🙂

  5. kat bunting Says:

    i agree with the above dudes
    The old days were the best and personally LOVED how they looked in startin and stylin, their 1st movie! the new graphics always glitched, especially with their voices.. The music to rock angels and starrin and stylin were probably the best. i dont like any of the other ones.. and try keeping them real. i know they can do anything, but keep it school and real life related. AND KEEP SASHA THE MUSIC LOVER ONE. ive never know yasmin to love music that much, it was always sasha from the begining!
    All in all i just want to see the bratz i fell in love with when i was younger. I’m 20 now and i still love the bratz and my daughter will too. but i only love the older versions and im now confused on why their personalitys have changed..

    an old fan

  6. Timmy Says:

    Just to let you all know that Bratz will apparently not be sold even in Australia, a rep from the importers here is Aus have informed me that they are not bringing any of the 2014 dolls to Australia (I work in a Toy store here). so other countries may also be affected by this. apparently they are focusing on a new brand

    The rep also said that they have no future plans to bring in Bratz at all in the future and may see them as a liability rather than an investment, do to the slide in sales since the Mattel issues

    I will update if anything changes if course


  7. bratz101 Says:

    Please make more seasons and movies of bratz!!! Im a huge bratz fan and I watch it everyday, I just wished there were more movies and episodes!!!!

  8. STAR* Says:

    Maybe I’m to old to comment on such a topic but, I’ve been a fan of the Bratz dolls for more than 10 years. Even though I’ve never purchased a Bratz doll in my life, I do have a decent Bratz DVD movie & cartoon series DVD collection. Unfortunately the last few Bratz movies have left me feeling disappointed with MGAE. The graphic designs are lackluster, the storylines are weak, and the voices of the Bratz characters are a bit annoying and unrecognizable. I miss the original vocal cast for the Bratz animated series. Also I don’t know why you ruined the Sasha character, she use to be such a smart, feisty, black girl. There was a time when she reminded me of myself. Maybe that’s what made me a fan of the Bratz in the first place. It’s nice to see something that represents your true self, not Hollywood’s low grade propaganda version of a young black woman. I’m aware that “Girl World” has changed, thanks to Hunger Games, Marvel Comics, Percy Jackson, and CW’s Star Crossed…It’s obvious that tomboys are in and super natural nonsense is finally fading out into the abyss. Bratz has a great opportunity to make a serious comeback in 2015. I wish MGAE the best of luck. I hope season 3 of Bratz will be exciting and memorable.

    Your Loyal Fan,

  9. Cyanne Says:

    i saw the new bratz dolls they look generic now.

  10. darla Says:

    My girls have been Bratz fans since they were little and have collected over hundreds of Bratz dolls and dvds. They would love to see more boy dolls and more movies (especially with cloe and Cameron crushing on each other!). they have been purchasing bratz dolls for at least 10 years now and are looking forward to the new collection. I do believe they will be bratz fans forever and so will their mother!
    from djp, hnp and mrp

  11. Riya Says:

    I think they should allow fans to be involve like ask use what we would like to see the girls go and do next I would love if they continue the episode on TV channels like nick or Cartoon Network or something I think they should use the body molds they use to use and bring back some of there old line call it bratz flashed back into the past in u may

  12. Sylver Says:

    Greetings readers,

    I hope they return to using the old Bratz molds before 2010 (for both Bratz Girlz and Bratz Boyz). I also hope they stop giving the dolls the same face with different colors. All dolls since 2010 look the same. Also, those tall bodies are absolutely horrifying. I personally don’t want a Bratz head on a Barbie’s body. The quality of the hair for these dolls needs to return to its former glory (for both Girlz and Boyz – flocked hair, remember?). Also, need I remind everyone – how awesome was it to have 2 different outfits? Outfits which are daring and actually in fashion? Not some clothes that look like they were meant to be worn by toddlers. Also, more shoe molds please. More detailed ones as well. I guess overall what everyone is expecting at this point is higher quality, more variety and something that’s actually going to drop jaws. And now I’ll mention some notable collections (which were absolutely amazing): Wintertime Wonderland (2003), Wild Life Safari (2004), Tokyo-A-Go-Go (2004), Ooh La La Paris (2005), Midnight Dance (2005), Rock Angelz (2005), Treasures (2005), London Pretty ‘N’ Punk (2005), Bratz Magic Hair (2007), Bratz Girlz Really Rock (2008).
    It’s that variety which leaves people craving for more.
    This is coming from someone who owns over 300 Bratz dolls (all from before 2010).


  13. Joc Says:

    Just keep now they use to look don’t change anything cause they are really pretty before you change everything. We like the old one

  14. Sara Says:

    Please make more episodes of the bratz I love the show I watch it everyday with my sister,

  15. kayla Says:

    so glad they are coming back though

  16. Obiee CandyBoy Says:

    i really miss bratz and my little sister too i love thier music and movies when the first movie has release the (Bratz : Rock Angelz) like i was so blow up i have been a big fan the music the outfit the story the fashion like so making girls love them and bratz was better then barbie (for barbie fan don’t worry barbie is good too :P)
    and bratz has a beautiful word like the girlz with passion for fashion and allot of girls like them and when they did the live-action it was even better but now i think i lose hope i always check news about the bratz nothing change all some old dolls and no new idea i will wait for bratz in 2015 if it doesn’t change that’s it i give up so one more chance pleas don’t fail me down and the fans we will be waiting for you i wish you can steal the lights like in 2005-2007 so pleas be the glory and bring hope to us in 2015 will be waiting MGA .

  17. mary starling Says:

    Bratz are awesome please bring back the bratz tv show. Love you guys.

  18. yasmine Says:

    omg i am 13 yrs old and i luv bratz can u guys pleaseeeee make more cartoon movies

  19. alineprincess Says:

    Bratz always were the best dolls ever imo. I know a lot of fans are unsatisfied with the new lines but I still think they are perfect. I love every collection from 2001 to 2014. I’ve started collecting them in 2002 and they are my favorite dolls of all time. What I can’t understand is: why are the Monster High dolls more popular than Bratz? I’m a fan of MH too, but Bratz were always more detailed and stylish. Now the MH dolls are even more generic. Something that I see is that the Bratz always wore clothing with fabrics present in real life clothing. MH dolls have clothing with low quality fabrics. I’m afraid that they will be just like Barbie dolls in the near future!
    Saying that, I want to wish you all the luck with the new Bratz dolls!

  20. I’m happy that the Bratz are coming back, but i want them to be back to their best times. Like the years 2001-2006, those were the all time BEST Bratz years to me. I also think that the Bratz should have their old art works back, like the ones in 2001. Those were more sassy and they caught the public’s attention. And don’t you miss those HUGE chunky shoes? I loved them :3 I also miss the keychains, posters, and the movin’ n groovin cards. This stuff is what got Bratz to become the 2 billion dollar company it is. I miss the 2 outfit sets where you could mix n match. I also think that the old 2001 packaging was better. It was cheaper and easier to open., unlike the 2008-2014 packaging. Their first movie was and is still my fave Bratz movie! Starrin & Stylin and Rock Angelz are the best quality movies. They had better story lines and better songs. Come on, MGA! Bring Bratz back to the old, awesome days!

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