NEW Bratz Special Edition Fall 2013 dolls!

August 4, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today is a great day for Bratz fans, first all those amazing prototypes we spotted and now THIS stellar find on taobao from our pal CheeChee! Looks like we’re getting a new Bratz Special Edition line with Cloe and Yasmin for fall!

LOVING this couture! Click to view full-size

LOVING this couture! Click to view full-size

How stunning do these look?! Finally a step towards collectors edition Bratz! Yasmin’s dress looks gorgeous and very detailed, and it actually reminds us a bit of Holiday Katia’s, but in pink! Cloe in the back really steals the spotlight for us though – she looks SO amazing in red! We can’t wait to see how she looks IRL. We’re loving the box design and the inclusion of stands too!

Thanks for sharing these with us, CheeChee!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

3 Responses to “NEW Bratz Special Edition Fall 2013 dolls!”

  1. Katie Says:

    When and where in michigan can these be purchased

  2. Katie Says:

    Where can one purchase the these beautiful dolls? 🙂

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