Major Updates to Amazon’s Fall Bratz Listings!

June 12, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today, Amazon has added photos to even more of its listings for this fall’s MGA dolls! We now have photos for Bratz Costume Bash, Bratz Basic Fall 2013, and Bratzillaz Back to Magic! Check ’em all out below.

L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade! Click to view massive full size!

L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade! Click to view massive full size!

First, here is the new Bratz Basic Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade! We added Sasha to the photo as well, though we already saw – and addressed – her the other day. How amazing is this collection?! The core four is dressed to impress in super trendy fashions that also have quite a bit of edge! Yasmin’s outfit is perhaps the most on-trend in our opinions. Just look at that floral denim!! And we’re very happy to see that shoe mold again. Cloe is a major favorite of ours as well. Her look is VERY urban and edgy! The high-waisted leather shorts are HOT, as is the netted top with purple leather bustier! We aren’t incredibly thrilled about her molded purple legs, but it really isn’t an issue, and just adds to the sassy, skin-tight look of her outfit! We will say we would have loved her to include the fingerless gloves and chain belt shown in her art, but with the basic boxes being half-exposed, it makes sense for MGA to omit pieces like that, which would be incredibly easy to steal. Jade is another stunner with her edgy “goth schoolgirl”-esque look! We are so stoked to see another Jade in pigtails, and the red streaks are just awesome – we were getting bored with all the pink! Her makeup is equally rad, with her deep red lips! The outfit Kool Kat is rockin’ is too cool as well! We are loving the use of plaid, as well as the kitty face on her top – definitely a throwback to Jade’s early wardrobe!! Like Cloe, Jade also has molded leggings, but it’s really not a big deal since this line isn’t articulated anyways. The new shoe mold on Jade is amazing! We are really happy to see so many new shoes this fall, and the fact that MGA is getting back to painting the molded details make them all even better!!

L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade! Click to view massive full size.

L-R: Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade! Click to view massive full size.

And now here is this year’s “Halloween” line – Bratz Costume Bash! This line is so cool because it takes the quirkiness of the old 2006-2008 Costume Party collections, and adds a touch of last year’s Chic Mystique over-the-top attitude! It appears there’s no Sasha in the line at the moment. Yasmin is going to the bash dressed a cute cowgirl with an adorable little pink and white hat (Which is a new mold!), a bandana scarf, a tiny badge (Love it!!), and some classic Bratz Wild Wild West boots! We’d also like to point out that all three dolls come with purses. Sadly, they aren’t fabric, but the fact that we’re getting this many accessories this fall is totally something to celebrate! Cloe is probably the most OTT, as a 70’s hippie chick! We’ll admit, this look is more of a typical costume store-style hippie than a legitimate one, but we suppose that was the point of the line! A Cloe dressed in trendy boho chic clothes wouldn’t make much sense for a Costume Bash 😉 Our absolute favorite thing about this Cloe would be her shoes. No, you aren’t seeing things, MGA is seriously bringing back the fan-favorite Bratz Princess shoes for this line! We also love her long, super-curly hair and funky purple streaks! Jade would have to be our all-time favorite of the line, hands down. We don’t quite understand why she’s a gingerbread girl for Halloween – but Jade’s always been known for her quirky cool style! This doll is just SO cool and unique! From the intricately-styled white and red hair (peep the awesome “cookie” accessory!) to her (molded) stripey peppermint leggings, she is just so well put together! The little bowtie was a really great touch in our opinions! Also, note the new-new brushes. MGA updated them with the current Bratz logo!

L-R: Victoria, Sashabella, and Meygana! Click to view massive full size.

L-R: Victoria, Sashabella, and Meygana! Click to view massive full size.

And last, but most definitely not least, are Bratzillaz Back to Magic Victoria Antique, Sashabella Paws, and Meygana Broomstix! It appears the dolls we saw last time were very late prototypes, as these are a little different, and in our opinions, even better! We’re assuming Jade J’Adore and Illiana Honesty are shipped in a later assortment, as these three keep appearing together. First is Victoria Antique, who we are still totally loving! She hasn’t changed much from the last photo we saw, though now we can get a view of her witchmark (A snake! And all this time, we thought she was dragon-inspired) and her pet in the box (A wicked cute little turtle-esque creature). The box also reveals that her fave class is “The Science of Brew & Renew”, as her power is taking something old and making it new again! Next is Sashabella, who we are honestly so much more impressed with now! We’re so happy to see that she’s finally got some completely new makeup, with that fun bright palette on her eyes, and slightly more purple lips! The outfit hasn’t changed much, which is fine by us. We are beyond ecstatic to see that the dolls include fabric purses just like the Toy Fair prototypes we exclusively revealed! Meygana also got her glasses back, and traded in her completely braided hair for just a few braids in the front. Her outfit isn’t too different either, though the cape is now argile and doesn’t have the embroidered pattern on it. Worth noting is the new text on the box: “Bratzillaz House of Witchez”. We have no clue what this could be, though we are working on getting an answer if we can! It is interesting that “Glam Gets Wicked” is nowhere in sight, and the Bratzillaz name itself is considerably smaller than the new phrase. One guess we have is that it’s the name of a possible TV special or DVD? We already know that the Witchy Princess segment will have a detailed plot totally worthy of some form of media, so we don’t see why the witchez’ new casual looks couln’t be included in that if it were to happen 😉

UPDATE! One of our amazing friends at MGA has let us know that the “House of Witchez” tagline is NOT the title of anything upcoming, but rather a new way to let consumers know what the brand is about and that the ‘Zillaz are WITCHEZ. This is an awesome response to the ignorant haters, if we do say so ourselves!

So, what are your thoughts on these new fall segments? Let us know on facebook and twitter!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
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4 Responses to “Major Updates to Amazon’s Fall Bratz Listings!”

  1. Junior Eli Perez Says:

    I’m excited for the new Fall dolls. So far I really Love Yasmin & Jade from the basic line. Not really feeling Costume Bash yet but I feel it might grown on me.

  2. EDT Says:

    I was curious about the House of Witchez title overshadowing the Bratzillaz name too. It’s nice to be able to get Meygana with curlier hair again which I assume is better quality than the first.

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  4. […] Major Updates to Amazon's Fall <b>Bratz</b> Listings! | <b>Bratz</b> Bo… […]

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