NEW Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch sets!

January 24, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

Today we’ve got a new taobao find to share for all the BZs! It’s a NEW Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch set! Very similar to the Head Gamez and Design Your Own Bratz lines of the past, Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch allows you to create your own Bratzillaz girl with wigs, body parts, and tons of fashion accessories! Check ’em out below…


Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch! Click to view full-size

As you can see on the box, each set comes with over 45 pieces to mix and match! We’re loving that the dolls still have the BZ signature glass eyes, and that MGA still went all out in giving these custom cuties all the funky fashion details we’d expect from the ‘Zillaz! The checker-print girl really reminds us a lot of some of the background characters in the hit Bratzillaz web series.


Each set includes over 45 magical pieces to create the witch of your dreams! Click to view full-size.

We must come clean and admit that these are packaged pretty similarly to Monster High’s Create-a-Monster starter packs, but we prefer these by far! glass eyes, more articulation, and more pieces overall? We are so there! MGA always did know how to make the perfect “DIY dollies” 😉

SO what are your thoughts? Let us know on facebook at facebook.com/BratzBoulevard, or tweet us @BratzBoulevard!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

49 Responses to “NEW Bratzillaz Switch-a-Witch sets!”

  1. Andrew S. Says:


    I was all over defending them/the brand not being a rip off of MH because they truly aren’t but this is slightly on the nose. On a positive they certainly look interesting at least so it’s going to come down to price point, quality control (eyes mostly) and fashions for me. The only character this would even make sense for is Cloetta tho.

    That said as I am sick of all the MGAE vs. Mattel nonsense, I do want to post a pre-emptive comment in favor of everyone mixing things together in harmony. The articulation looks equal to MH’s and if everything else is as good as the CaMs quality wise then these could be great. Dolls should always be fun first & foremost and nothing’s more fun than a good doll.

    • Jose Says:

      I one thousand percent agree with you. Let the dolls be fun! I love both of them . if they want to compete thats there business the world in which we live in. competition. As a consumer I’m going to buy what i like copycat or not! (shoulder shrugs) Dolls are fun for me…..

  2. Jenn Says:

    I love them both. I would totally buy this set, but it depends on the price.

  3. Fulliem Says:

    Just got this set! It’s wonderful and very easy to assemble. Love the fact that are are half-witches like Cloetta. An awesome set for the collectors.

  4. EDT Says:

    I wish it wasn’t such a blatant copy of the MH packs. What would have been a nice alternative is if they ditched the two-toned theme and made some plain brown/tan/peach dolls and packaged them differently. These dolls look more like clowns than witches.

  5. Casey oneill Says:

    Very expensive but totally worth it easy creating witches

    The best making a witch set I ever own

  6. Casey oneill Says:

    Truely the best doll set ever costum create your own witch doll great quality best doll set ever

  7. Casey oneill Says:

    Cool Create youre own witch doll so me y’all how fun to create 500 mix and match combos
    So much fun

  8. Casey oneill Says:

    I say it’s so worth buy it it’s worth it worth the money

  9. Casey oneill Says:

    Worth the money but depends on the price quite expensive

  10. Casey oneill Says:

    Fun over hours and hours creating witch dolls but very exspensive

  11. Casey oneill Says:

    Very exspensive at target almost 30 dollars

  12. Casey oneill Says:

    25 dollars at walmart but at toys rus 40bucks

  13. Casey oneill Says:

    Very very cool I like the fact that you actually can create an actual witch doll so much fun to create create create

  14. Casey oneill Says:

    Create an actual witch. Doll with500diffrent combonatins

  15. Casey oneill Says:

    Create your very own colorful
    2sided witch out of 500pices

  16. Casey oneill Says:

    Doll comes with 2torsos2headsabunchofupperarmsthighslegsbarefeet2pairofshoes2capes2outfitsbrush 2wigs

  17. Casey oneill Says:

    Instructions andon the Back of the box it shows the wave three you can get of switch a witch

  18. Casey oneill Says:

    The dolls are fun to put together and so easy to put together
    they are easy to look at

  19. Casey oneill Says:

    Love creating witch dolls from different parts of the body

  20. Casey oneill Says:

    Cool very cool you know even how I could go on long with these comment boards but I’ll keep it short I have to go to sleep now Ill comment more tomorrow about these wonderfully cheap doll sets

  21. Casey oneill Says:

    Litaraly thought 1297isreasonableforasinglepackofswitchawitch

  22. Casey oneill Says:

    Reasonably priced at 1297at Walmart but else where they are very very exspensive

  23. Casey oneill Says:

    I’m hooked on creating the latestest witch craze with switch a witch you can do just that

  24. Casey oneill Says:

    Good night my last post on switch a witch ever they are so cool a lot cooler then monster high create a monster

  25. Casey oneill Says:

    Best doll to put together Cheap doll set

  26. Casey oneill Says:

    The set is realy expensive at target but realy cheap at walmart

  27. Casey oneill Says:

    Realy realy expensive else where this doll set is fun to put together

  28. Casey oneill Says:

    Walmart is the best to buy brazilliaz switch a witch set to put them together

  29. Casey oneill Says:

    Buy these dolls are fun to make with 500combonations

  30. Casey oneill Says:

    There is over 500 combinations to create with switch a witch it’ comes with 2 sets of heads 2colorful wigs a brush 2sets of upper arms legs and over 2sets of colorful outfits torso and more

  31. Casey oneill Says:

    2torsos 2heads 2sets of upper arms 2outfits 2hands2colorful wigs2sets of thighs 2legs so easy to put together

  32. Casey oneill Says:

    Instructions are also includedalso
    Broomstick brush creepyyetpschidelic

  33. Casey oneill Says:

    Colorful dolls so so easy to put together they are young and fun tobe created create over500combinations

  34. Casey oneill Says:

    The set includes 2colorfulheadsthey are 2sided dollsyoucan create on youreown fun to createover500combinations

  35. Casey oneill Says:

    Set includes2heads2torsosthey are so easy to create instructions are included with the double set they include also 2sets of upper arms and 2thighs 2sets of legs 2sets of hands 2coloful wigs and 2fun colorful outfits 2earrings 2shoes one broomstick brush and that’s all fun to create easy to put together

  36. Casey oneill Says:

    If witch dolls are easy to put together that particular doll set is easy to put together they are so fun to create over 500combinations they are fun to create they are known as the switch a witch They are fun to create to play with

  37. Casey oneill Says:

    They are the switch a witch set included in the double pack set 2sets of colorful torsos colorful heads and 2sets of upper arms 2sets of thighs 2sets of earrings 2sets of shoes 2colorful outfits the instructions and one brush 2sets of wigssoeasy to put together were fun to create over five hundred combinations

  38. Casey oneill Says:

    Fun to create and play with so much fun to create 500combinations the best 2sets of every thing including 2heads 2outfts instructions brush 2sets of upper arms thighs legs 2colorful wigs they to create and have they are switch a witch fasonistas witches

  39. Casey oneill Says:

    set includes 2 colorful
    Heads 2setsofupperarms2setsoftorsos 2earrings and 2sets of shoes 2colorful wigs 2legs thighs 2 hands 2diffrent outfits 2colorful capes and instructions and one broom brush and many more things not included so many accesseries so much To create over five hundred combinations they are sold sepretly

  40. Casey oneill Says:

    So many combinations to create they are colorful not at all like monster high create a monster the better toy the colorful switch a witch they are fun to create many combinations they are in a set a real fun toy

  41. Casey oneill Says:

    Monster high create a monster forget it this is the best createa toy

  42. Casey oneill Says:

    Best create a colorful
    Psychedelic witch doll they are very fun to create 2sets of every thing they are fun dolls to create over five hundred combinations mix and match combinations that is they are so cheap but fun fun fun to create mix and match combinations of so many different looks so much fun to create five hundred creations and mix and match combinations
    They are exspensive at target

  43. Casey oneill Says:

    The best place to buy the switch a witch doll set single or double packs available now fun fun fun fun. Fun to play with when you create it the best create a witch doll ever so much fun to play with the witch you create so easy to put together even the double pack is easy to put together with dolls 2sets of body parts like 2sets of heads 2sets of upper arms 2sets of thighs 2sets of legs 2earrings2sets of shoes fun to create and so easy to put together so much fun to put together their body parts 2wigs and 2hands 2sets of glitter eyes

  44. Casey oneill Says:

    Single set includes 2arms one head a torso 2sets of upper arms thighs legs 2sets of earrings 2sets of shoes an outfit a cape I instructions one brush one wig2hands bare feet glitte

  45. Casey oneill Says:

    The single pack includes a yellow and white head yellow and white torso 2sets of yellow. And white arms and 2sets of hands glitter eyes very cool 2thighs 2legs and 2 bare feet 2earrings 2sets of shoes

  46. Casey oneill Says:

    Thighs head arms 2earrings and 2shoes torso thighs legs bare feet a outfit a white and black cape so much fun to create
    Over five hundred mix and match combinations

  47. Casey oneill Says:

    Also includes a black and white 2sided wig instructions and brush love to create over five hundred mix and match combinations they are the easiest to put together

  48. Casey oneill Says:

    The double pack includes 2colorful heads 2sided wigs a purple n platinum wig and blue pink and green clown afro colorful outfits 2earrings 2shoes 2sets of capes the best create a doll ever also included instructions a brush style wig guide best price for the double the best the best doll2setsof upper arms thighs legs and glittery eyes including a checkerdboard black and white checkerdboard chick torso 2sets of upper arms head glittery eyes blood redlips black and platinum wig she’s so cool put her together easy peasy lemon squeezy

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