Bratz In the Wild Sasha now on Little Tikes!

January 18, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

MGA’s online store, Little Tikes, has updated its catalog with NEW products for spring 2013! These include Bratz Bahama Beach, Bratzillaz Witchy Makeover Yasmina, and now Bratz In the Wild including Sasha! Check out their photos below.


Bratz In the Wild Sasha! Photos are all from Little Tikes, and you can click (twice) to view them in full-size!

We think she is just stunning, and her outfit is too cute! Her makeup is so unique from other Sasha dolls’, with that bright pink eye makeup! We’re keepin’ it locked to LT for more Bratz, which we’re sure they’ll post soon!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

One Response to “Bratz In the Wild Sasha now on Little Tikes!”

  1. dj Says:

    i think there hair could be better .i think they all should hve syran hair.i really liked the pretty and punk line.and i would like to see more of dana of fianna .fianna more

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