Bratz Survey 2013!

January 17, 2013

Hey Bratz Fans!

Those of you on flickr know that our own Alex has his own yearly Bratz survey every January to collect all the fans’ feedback and opinions on the Bratz, to share with MGA and make the girlz even better! Well this year is no different, except now the survey is on flickr and here at Bratz Boulevard so even more people can participate!

If you have a flickr account, please post your responses here, and if not, then share your thoughts in the comments on this post, or our facebook page! And without further ado, here are the questions!

1.)Of all the besties in the Bratz Pack, which old fave would you like to see back the most?

2.)What’s one of your all-time favorite Bratz lines that you’d LOVE to see refreshed?

3.)What else would you like to see the Bratz doing? What kinds of styles should they explore, and where should they go next in terms of fashion?

And now the biggest question of all!
4.)Who would you consider to be a #RealBratz? It can be you, someone you know, or even someone you don’t know personally, but know of! For example: <a href=”http://www.seventeen.com/college/advice/girls-who-started-businesses&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>www.seventeen.com/college/advice/girls-who-started-busine…</a>

What is a #RealBratz? Real Bratz are game changers, innovators, and strong leaders! People who aren’t afraid to shake things up and create their own lane in life! A Real Bratz is someone who challenges themselves as well as their friends to unleash their passions and express themselves! If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not your candidate is a #realbratz, ask yourself this; “Would (candidate) A.) Change the world by thinking of something great to do that no one else has done yet and doing it, B.) Work for someone that is changing the world and doing great things, or C.) Avoid change altogether” If they fit option A, you’ve got a #RealBratz! Of course the Bratz are all about diversity, so we want all kinds of people – girls, boys, icons, and up-and-comers! If they’re making a difference and doing things their own way, we’d love to hear about them!

You can nominate someone by telling us about who you’re nominating and why, and we’d love to see some video entries too! If you’re nominating yourself or a friend, feel free to make a video of them and link to it in your response!


ImageThanks so much, Bratz fans! We can’t wait to read your responses and share them with the Bratz Team!
Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard


24 Responses to “Bratz Survey 2013!”

  1. Justin Says:

    1.) Felicia. I’d love to see her back in the ‘pack.’

    2.) ‘Treasures’ is my all-time-favorite Bratz line, followed by ‘Campfire.’

    3.) I’d like to see the Bratz camping again, more punk/edge street fashion and less flowers. No more painted legs as tights! Use saran hair instead of whatever you’re using now – I pass on buying dolls when the hair is really bad. I like the big clunky shoes/boots ‘back in the day’ and don’t really like that they’ve gotten smaller. Please ship Sasha with the other characters in the same themed line! You always have great box art, so I hope that stays the same.

  2. Taylor Says:

    1) Nevra, Lilee, Vinessa
    2) Tokyo-A-Go-Go, Ice Champions, Campfire, Winter Time Wonderland
    3) I think it’d be cool to see a superhero line. Maybe something to do with anime too. I love the glittery makeup and clothes as well. I also would like to see an around the world collection. Just something really original and out there 🙂
    4) Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence

    -I’d like to see the Bratz come with more than one outfit! And more accessories! The girls with the passion for fashion only coming with a single outfit makes it so little kids can’t swap and dress them like they used to.
    -I like when they have different faces and saran hair.
    -I hope to see more of Jade’s original bangs and pigtails.
    -Keep the snap on feet 🙂 and original logo 🙂
    -I’d love to see more super short hair like the Strut It! Yasmin’s ❤
    -Curly hair is pretty at first, but gets frizzy quickly :/
    -I liked the original big shoes. They've gotten smaller over time.
    -It gets boring to see the same old Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Meygan in every line. Maybe just do three of them like the Ice Champions did and throw in a new person. Something like "Yasmin, Dana, Lilee" would be a nice pair for a line.
    – I personally liked those cards that came with the Bratz that changed when you would move them 🙂 That or posters again. Although the cut outs on the back of the box are neat and better than nothing.

  3. jonathan Says:

    I would like to see nevra come back she didn’t have much of a run

    The space pop stars was a great line with futuristic outfits

    I would like to see the bratz take the style of gowns kind of like their formal funk line

    I belive everyone is a true brat we all stand up forr ourselves and try to help the world a better place

  4. jonathan Says:

    The artwork here is really hot I’m loving it

  5. sasha Says:

    Bratz princess bratz rock angelz bratz camping

  6. shae Says:

    id love to see nevera back she is pretty

  7. shae Says:


  8. Talina Says:

    1) Nevra or Felicia would be great comebacks, especially since they were only in one collection/line (whatever you call it) each. Trinity should return, too. I mean, Katia was a Holiday doll, and she’s been remade multiple times (that might be because of “Genie Magic” but I don’t know), so Trinity should, too.

    2) “Rock Angelz” will always be my favorite because of the movie, the cool styles, the music (OMG, I love it to death), and more. “Princess” is a close second, mainly because of Ciara and Diona’s cool outfits.

    3) ~I don’t mind the taller dolls like a lot of others do, but I’d like the body proportions to be similar to the older dolls. The long legs, small torso, big lips, and large feet made Bratz unique and creative. They are some of the reasons that people chose Bratz over other dolls: their uniqueness.
    ~Also, giving the dolls some cooler hairstyles would be nice. Shorter hair (like on the Sonya, Aubrey, or ‘Xpress It’ Yasmin) is cool, but it could be even shorter, like pixie cuts. A doll with a Skrillex-like hair would be amazing, just saying. On the other hand, dolls with lots of twists/braids in the hair would be great. Have you seen dolls like that? I haven’t.

    4) Since the #RealBratz didn’t specify an age group, or at least I didn’t see one, then I would nominate the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama. She is beautiful, smart, confident, has great fashion sense, and is a role model for people everywhere. Not only does she try to help childhood obesity and healthy foods, she also tries to give inspiration to everyone through travels, campaigns, speeches, and more.

    P.S. I’ve loved Bratz since they first came out, and I always will. Bratz Forever!

  9. dj Says:

    i would like for fianna to be more in the group but i’d like to see the twins and vinessa.i think all of the dolls should have syran hair even the $10 lines.I nominate berrybread as a reall bratz.and i think they should have more fashion packs and have more clothing options for the dolls.and they should come with two sets ouf outfits to.and i’d lke to see bratz princesses brought back

  10. Lola Says:

    1) Lilee and/or Kina

    2) Tokyo-A-Go-Go, Wintertime Wonderland, Pretty ‘n’ Punk, Sweet Dreamz PJ Party, iCandy, Formal Funk, Rock Angelz, Treasures and Ice Champions.

    3) Something anime or Kpop related.

    4) I nominate CL from 2ne1. She is beautiful inside and out. She has a wonderfully unique fashion and she inspires me to be myself.

  11. Ferdia Says:

    1) Sheridan, nerva ,fianna ,kirsty and kacey and burdeen maybe in a 3 pack !Cameron ,dylan ,bryce , improoved bodies 🙂

    2) Tokyo-A-Go-Go, Rock Angelz , iCandy, Movie stars, girls night out , sun kissed summer , Forever diamonds , Genie magic ,camp fire , princess and princes . and the evil twinz

    3)I Would love like a brats house to play with like cloes house ect bunny-boos house . And ps please make sasha avalible in ireland and the uk please ever since 2010 no sasha has been sold here .

    4) Okay well i actualy nominate myself i feel likei should be more confident and i have made a change i recentley made a video on youtube and i got payed for how many views and advertisements i was getting and i bought 92 bratz dolls and donated them off to my local toy drive for girls and boys who dont get anything for christmas , I am a boy and i am proud to ollect bratz ive been collecting since i was 2 , i am a bratz boy and i say it proud and clear 🙂

  12. Deonte young Says:

    1. I really want Kumi back

    2. I would love for MGA to bring back Bratz rock angelz or forever diamondz or treasurez

    3. I think bratz should ask Hayden Williams to design some dolls he’s amazing

    4. Nicki Minaj she is so inspirational and really has a passion for fashion and for guys I think Alex the owner of this website he is awesome

  13. sasha Says:

    Bratz rock angelz Bratz diamonz and Bratz princess

  14. Taylor Zenelovski Says:

    Q1) The bratz doll that I would love to see back out of the besties in the Bratz pack is Leah.
    Q2) My all-time favourite Bratz line that I would love to see re-freshed is ‘Flaunt it’!
    Q3) I would love to see the Bratz exploring some sort of Superhero Line or even possibly re-visiting the Camping Line again. Another thing that would be great for MGA to possibly consider is to create dolls with saran hair as it is more durable and the dolls hair is kept looking better for longer!
    Q4) I believe I am a RealBratz because I have what it takes to change the way people perceive Bratz dolls! I don’t think they’re just dolls but they are a special collection that have changed the doll world completely.
    Thanks for making these amazing surverys every year and assisting us collectors in connecting with MGA!
    Love always 🙂

  15. Taylor Zenelovski Says:

    Q1) The bratz doll that I would love to see come back from the bestie pack is Leah.
    Q2) I would love for MGA to re-fresh the world ‘Flaunt It’.
    Q3) I think MGA should try and revisit the Camping Line and also possible consider doing a Superhero Line. Another thing that MGA should consider is making all their newer dolls with saran hair as its more durable and it keeps their hair looking better for longer!
    Q4) I believe I am a RealBratz because I have what it takes to make society perceive Bratz Dolls in a different way. They are not just dolls but they have completely revolutionized the doll world.
    Thankyou for creating these amazing surveys every year and helping us Bratz lovers connect with MGA!

  16. Tiffane Says:

    1.) Dana or Nevra.
    2.) Formal Funk, Flashback Fever or Tokyo a go go because those were some really great lines.
    3.) I would really love to see a a little more of a refreshed type theme. No costumes or things like that. More like an old line from 2001-2007 refreshed. Better graphics and more accessories, more clothes like they use to have.

  17. xenji taylor Says:

    I think Sharidan and Katia should return. Also Phoebe and Roxxi.

    Bratz Rock Angelz or Forever Diamondz


    I would nominate myself because I like designing and drawing fashions.

  18. Evan M. Says:

    My top three characters:
    Sea Stunnerz
    The Bratz should really start including more characters instead of just the few. They should also come out with more lines of them emboding celebrities.
    I would nominate jpopluvr100(on youtube) because he and I are both boyz(bratitude1) who love bratz and he tought me to not care what anyone thinks and that life is too short to care what others think. You two are both #RealBratz too!!!

    • Evan M. Says:

      Sorry I forgot to add a whole bunch of characters so here they are:
      Kumi Felicia Vinessa Leora Cloe’s sister Sonya

  19. Emily Says:

    -I would like to see phoebe and roxxi back. I thought they were super cute 🙂
    -I will love to see Kirsty and kacey dolls
    -I love when the bratz can actually be something like super heroes, mermaids, fairies, genies, campers, ice skaters, hairdressers, own boutiques…
    -I love when you use real fabric in the bratz fashion eg. Knit, denim…
    -I would love if the bratz babyz, big babyz and kids can come back
    -I love bratz and always will great work MGA ❤️

  20. Nat Says:

    1) phoebe and Roxie, Katia and Dana

    2) I will love to see bratz treasures, bratz campfire, bratz winter time wonderland and my all time favorite bratz genies 🙂 because they were all so different and had such cute and beautiful outfits 🙂

    3)I love it when you use real fabrics in the clothes eg. Cute knits and denim and please use Saran hair it’s much softer and dosen’t frizz as much

    4) I believe every one has a bit of bratz within them because everyone has a different passion for fashion. 🙂

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