New Bratz 2013 Product Info!

December 29, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Tonight we’ve got some info on 2013’s spring Bratz lines! No photos or anything really cool like that, but for our tech-savvy readers, we’ve got the Item #’s and SKUs!

1.) Totally Polished:
SKU: 571-8730
EAN Code: 0035051518259

2.) In the Wild:
SKU: 571-8655
EAN Code: 0035051518686

3.) Xpress it!:
SKU: 571-8198
EAN Code: 0035051518228

4.) Bahama Beach:
SKU: 571-8495
EAN code: 0035051518525

5.) And most exciting of all, a NEW line/product, called “Bratz Style 4-in-1“! It’s possible this is a new 4-pack a la Fashion Stylistz, but our friend and fan Ryan also suggested that it could be the name of that medieval-styled line, from which we revealed Jade the other day! This would make sense, as the snap-on tops combined with fabric fashions would create several mix & match possibilities…
SKU: 571-4061
EAN code: 0035051521419

Hope everyone makes good use of these!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

One Response to “New Bratz 2013 Product Info!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Great blog, i might add you to blog roll =)

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