SP13 Bratz and Bratzillaz lines confirmed!

November 3, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

It’s that special time of year, when info on the spring Bratz lines leaks out! So far, we’ve got four new Bratz lines confirmed by Target’s computer system: Bratz Totally Polished, Bratz Mermaidz, Bratz Bahama Beach, and Bratz In The Wild!

Totally Polished sounds like it could be the next makeover line, possibly along the lines of Totally Tattoo’d, just with nail polish or stick-on nails! Target’s price is $16.99, so it won’t be as big as Featherageous or All Glammed Up were.

Bratz Mermaidz is pretty easy to picture. We’re hoping that they have loooong, colorful hair and really exotic looking tails/fashions! It’s possible that a transforming feature will be included, but we’re actually hoping that there are no real gimmicks attached to this line. Target’s price is $24.99, so this looks to be one of the bigger lines for next spring!

Bratz Bahama Beach is the beach line fans have been begging for! We love that MGA’s giving the girlz a location for their beach this time, and hopefully the Bahamas will have some influence on the look of the whole line. Target’s price is $12.99, which is surprisingly low for a beach line! We’re not sure if these prices are MGA’s SRPs, or prices set by Target themselves, so the line could go a few different ways. If $12.99 is Target’s set price for them, it’s likely that this line will be a basic collection, along the lines of Strut it!, Style it!, etc. If $12.99 is the SRP set by MGA, it’s possible that we’ll be seeing two swimsuits, and maybe even a few little accessories with each doll! We so hope it’s the latter of the two, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Bratz In The Wild totally sounds like one of the Bratz’ famous safari-themed lines! If you all remember, we reported on a possible new “Bratz Wild Things” line coming next year a few months back. Could this be the same thing? The tag we found has it for $22.99, and Target’s price says $24.99, which are very close, so it’s pretty likely! The price has us really psyched, because it suggests that this line will be continuing the tradition of MGA’s “Wild” lines coming with two fashions and a decent amount of accessories too! We can’t wait to see this line!

Now, what about Bratzillaz, the wicked teen witch cousins of the Bratz? Target also has a listing in their computers for “Bratzillaz Hat Ma”, which is…interesting to say the least. Our guess is that we’ll be seeing a “hat maker”, probably a set for Bratzillaz fans to make their own witch hats. This kind of stuff usually doesn’t interest us that much, but it will be cool to see how this comes out. Target’s price is $34.99, so it sounds like it will be a pretty big deal…

What are all of your predictions? Are you as stoked as we are for the new Bratz? Let us know on twitter (@BratzBoulevard), facebook (facebook.com/BratzBoulevard), or on the forum at BratzBoulevard.com!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

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