NEW Bratz Fall 2012 Fashion Packs in Stores Now!

August 6, 2012

Hey Bratz Fans!

Thanks to our awesome friend Krys AKA Dollsrmylife (Here’s his flickr!) we now know that MGA is continuing their line of Bratz fashion packs for fall – and we have photos!

The new Bratz fashions for fall! Click to view in full-size

Above are the four fabulous fashions in their boxes! Their names are “At The Mall“, “Casual Cool“, “Punk ‘n’ Prep“, and “Boho Chic“. “At The Mall” was actually the name of a Bratz Boyz fashion pack, and Punk ‘n’ Prep is a classic Bratz fashion pack name too! You can see both of the originals on our Bratz wiki page 🙂

All four new fashion packs, modeled on Krys’s Bratz! L-R: Casual Cool, Punk ‘n’ Prep, Boho Chic, and At The Mall. Click to view full size!

A big thank you to Dollsrmylife for allowing us to use his photos of some of the girls rockin’ these looks! Casual Cool is very sassy and sophisticated. With the gorgeous knitted poncho and tall purple boots, it’s perfect for fall! Punk ‘n’ Prep is a favorite of ours for those electric blue hounds-tooth pants alone! Boho Chic is definitely channeling some 70’s vibes in a colorful psychedelic print paired with those gorgeous boots. And At The Mall is perfect for when the Bratz go shopping! They’ve definitely gone back to the girls’ roots a bit with those bell-bottom jeans. Overall, we’re in love with these new looks and can’t wait to get them for our own dolls! But what does everyone else think? Head over to the forum and discuss! And again, a big big thank you to Krys for letting us use your photos!

Stay Tuned & Stay Stylin’!
Bratz Boulevard

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